Keep Ants Away With Spices

Got an ant problem? There are plenty of spices in your pantry that can help.

If ants are entering your house through the sink (not uncommon in apartment buildings), a common piece of advice is to put some mint or bay leaves the entry point and regularly wash it down the sink. It may take a couple of days, but it can be an effective solution.

When I did my initial research on my ant problem I found out about the mint extract and bay leaves, but I didn't have either of those things. I didn't want to waste any time, so I poured some mint-flavored Listerine around the drain in the interim and dug through the pantry to find any pungent spices I already had. A little online research suggested virtually every spice I owned had proved effective in clearing ants in the past.

So I added a sprinkling of cardamom (I like the smell, but I never use it in cooking). The result? No more ants.


    Mix 1 part borax to 5 parts sugar to 10 parts water. Mix and put in any sort of lid (eg. milk lid, jars). I did this at each corner of my house. Didn't see a single ant for at least 12 months..
    Borax is also a good fabric softner ;)

    ants can't enter through the drains in properly done Australian plumbing system. There is many S-bends along the way which prevent smells (and ants) from coming back through the system

    I might have to try this, Ant Rid doesn't seem to work and I'm worried about using any other poisons as it's my cats food bowl that mostly attracts the horrid little things!

      there are pet food bowls out there that have a kind of 'moat' that prevents ants from getting in the bowl. Some you put water in. They usually have a 'lip' on the top part so that food won't fall in and get gross.

      One thing I find useful to keep in mind is that if you find many, many, MANY ants after something, don't try and kill them all. It'll just make a big smelly mess. Kill whatever you need to in order to remove what they're after, and the next day they'll have left of their own accord (killing them isn't going to make a noticeable difference in the ant population anyway. There's always more).

    Ants know where to go thanks to a scent trail.
    I once had the little buggers coming through my front door, across the lounge room and into my kitchen.....the nerve!!
    My flatmate fixed it by mixing vasiline and gasoline together and putting a very light smear across my door frame. Sure was pleasant to watch them reach the line and not no where to go... "where do I go now, what do I do?...oh no, my life has no meaning anymore!?!?!"
    If your got pets try replacing the gasoline with something else smelly like listerine...or something else ending in "ine" ;)

      I was wondering where you were going with that method as soon as you mentioned 'gasoline'.

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