Instantly Switch Between Media Types In iTunes 11 With Keyboard Shortcuts

iTunes 11 has a whole new interface, and part of that is a drop-down menu that shows the different types of media you have in your library. Mac OS X Hints points to the keyboard shortcuts that make the process of flipping through them a lot easier.

Instead of clicking through the drop-down menu, you can use these shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + 1 on Windows (Cmd + 1 on Mac) = Music
  • Ctrl + 2 on Windows (Cmd + 2 on Mac)= Movies
  • Ctrl + 3 on Windows (Cmd + 3 on Mac) = TV Shows
  • Ctrl + 4 on Windows (Cmd + 4 on Mac) = Podcasts
  • Ctrl + 5 on Windows (Cmd + 5 on Mac) = iTunes U
  • Ctrl + 6 on Windows (Cmd + 6 on Mac) = Books
  • Ctrl + 7 on Windows (Cmd + 7 on Mac) = Apps

Of course, if you really don’t like the drop-down menu, you can also bring back the sidebar to easily select the different categories.

iTunes 11: Keyboard shortcuts for switching between different types of content in iTunes library [Mac OS X Hints]

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