How To Put Google Maps Back On Your iPhone

No longer must we tolerate being driven into forests and left there. No longer will we be in two minds about the route Apple has chosen for us. No. Longer. Why? Because the long-rumoured Google Maps app for iPhone exists. Here's how to download it right now.

It's dead simple really. Go to the iTunes Store (here's the link) and get it. Google made it free, as well. It could have charged a few bucks for it and made a fortune, but nope, Google's got all the money it needs already. This one's on the house.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Welcome back, Maps.


    Doesn't seem to be available in Australia yet.

      I've downloaded it in Australia try again

    Tried to download it, but it now says the App I wanted to download is no longer available?!

    It's certainly nice to have it back.

    Clean and slick interface.

    Turn-by-turn (beta) seems fine although silent ... at least at first look (and I did only check it sitting at my desk).

    Streetview (yay). Thank you Google (and also I guess Apple).

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      Turn by turn does have vocal directions, it's a rather natural sounding male voice.

        Hmm... Mine has female voice :) US accent...

    Already 300% better than apple maps in UI alone. Though it is a few clicks to get navigation going.

    All google needs to do is add speed limits, and traffic camera data and its a viable replacement for metroview (although MV still has full offline maps support which is good for those not on telstra (having gone from telstra to optus i miss having a half reliable data connection). I love the syncing between PC and iOS gmaps, it would be nice to be able to name the locations and delete certain memorized locations to keep the list clean though, and being able to select the address from a contact would be cool too.

    So, basically what we have here are instructions on how to download an app? Thanks for that.

    I hope they will add the "Offline Maps" feature that's available on their Android app. That would save me a lot of data!

    The best thing about apple maps is the ability to type in a contact name and then navigate to that person. Doesn't look like google's got this.

    Hooray!!! About time

    So apple (the company) gets google maps for free now rather than having to pay like before. Awesome.

    Ha, the whole thing is a farce. I am fairly organised with my contacts/address book and use maps to get to places in my address book. Just downloaded google maps and of course it is not linked to my address book. Google Maps is taking up 18.0 MB but the apple maps isn't shown, even when i select 'all apps'

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