How Much Do You Spend On Fitness?

The Commonwealth Bank went probing around customer accounts and found that customers typically spend between $179 and $353 per annum on a gym membership, with the amount varying depending on location. You can see the state-by-state variations in the infographic below, but we're wondering: how much do Lifehacker members spend on fitness?

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I don't pay for a gym membership, since my main exercise tactic is not owning a car so I have to walk everywhere. Where do you sit relative to these numbers? Tell us (and tell us why) in the comments.


    450 a year, including pool, squash courts and gymnastics center.

    Nothing! Ignoring the initial outlay of my bike - I ride to work and use a few free Android apps to track my upper body home workouts (push-ups, sit-ups etc.)

    It depends on what you mean, $24 or so a fortnight for gym use. Protein powders and pre workouts might be $200 every second month. Recently purchased a new push bike too for about $1000. Plus gear for all of the above, it all adds up surprisingly quickly.

    Ummm, sooo ashamed... No wait, no I'm not! I do fuck all, I weigh the same 90kg (give or take a couple of kilos) I have for the last thirty or forty odd of my last fifty odd years. Screw it, if I die young I die with a slight paunch, bad knees and a bad attitude...! The secret.. Put the fork down.!!

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    $13.50 per week includes Les Mills classes which im addicted to RPM & Pump.
    I eat everything i want because I gym every day, the inverse of Timmahh's comment above haha

    Used to pay around $24/week for a gym membership, but realised i could spend around $1200 on a bench and full set of weights and just do it at home.
    Saves a ton of time on travelling and need a bigger excuse not to do it.

    My only problem is that my chinup bar doesn't fit in the doors at my new place :(

      Agreed, home gym rocks. Plus I can also do it while watching teevee

    Nothing. I walk 5-6km a day after work, but I haven't been inside a gym for about 8 years.

    Probably somewhere between 450-700 dollars a year for gym access and I spent about a grand this year in equipment? Maybe a bit more?

    To have everything I want I'd probably need to spend maybe another 1500 next year?

    I spent about $400 for a year long gym membership a few years ago. I ended up going twice. Haven't stepped foot in a gym since. Still not fat.

    $0 on gyms
    $10 petrol driving to a national park every 2-3 weeks to ride the mountain bike
    $250-500/yr on MTB club fees, licences, race entries
    $200 pair of runners lasts around 3 years
    $$$ spread out over several years for bikes (currently 3-4 years old), tyres, assorted clothing
    $300ish Garmin wristwatch / HR monitor / GPS (currently 2 years old)

    $16 a week is about it. Don't really count runners or clothes because I would have had them anyway.

    I saw that the average gym cost was around $700 per year, so in March this year I decided that instead of a gym membership I was going to spend $700 per year on a permanent home gym. It worked well for me because, to begin with, I wasn't very fit or strong and in fact had quite a few extra kilos of fat to shed - which means to begin my fitness journey off, I could rely on a lot of bodyweight exercises like pushups etc. I got a squat rack ($300), a barbell ($180) and starter weights (around $200) and that lets me do squats, rows, overhead presses and deadlifts. For now I'm substituting weighted pushups for bench presses (hard to do those without a bench [$200]) but in the new year I'll have to get myself a bench. Also on the shopping list in the new year is to upgrade my cheap squat rack to a proper power rack - it will probably blow my budget for 2013, especially when counting the bench mentioned above, but it's going to be required for lifting heavy weights without a spotter safely and also open the door to a whole range more exercises. Plus, apart from buying more weight plates from time to time, I won't need to be spending anything more on the gym - so free lifetime gym membership from 2014 onwards =D

    About $230 subs for my rugby club. Keeps me fit and the friendships that are formed are priceless.

    $400 for a year-long gym membership, and it was incredibly cheap in comparison to the other options around the inner west of Sydney! That's $7/wk – I can't believe anyone gets a gym membership for cheaper than that anywhere

    Hmmm, about $20 for "You Are Your Own Gym" $20 for pull up bar and a few dollars for the iGadget app. Been working through the exercise regime at home at nil extra cost since. Fittest I've been since I was in my early 20's.

    The pull up bar was an indulgence :-)

    $21.63/week x 52 weeks = 1124.76.
    Need to re-negotiate my gym contract with Finance First I think.

    Sydney city. Approximately $1200/yr. Nice gym, though, and I don't have the room to install the equipment I like to use at the gym at home, so it works for me.

    Probably about $2500 a year. That's not gym membership, but ballet classes and Pilates sessions. Seems relatively expensive compared to the gym fees people are quoting, but I really enjoy these forms of exercise (which means I actually do it) and I recognise that I'm paying for the expertise and supervision of a teacher every time, which means I improve more quickly and avoid developing any ingrained poor techniques. So it's a worthwhile investment for me.

    I also walk a lot because I don't own a car (which might be why I can afford the dance classes!), and in the past I've sometimes bought season passes for my local pool at around $300 for unlimited access for an adult.

    At the moment I have spent a bit of money on getting cycling, running and swimming in the last 6 months. Once I have gotten enough gear for my exercise the only money I will be spending is about $6.20 for each visit to the pool for lap swimming. Going out for a leisure ride or riding to work will cost me $0, running around the local parks at work or at home costs me $0.

    Am I the only one here who's concerned about the CBA "probing" our bank accounts?

    Oh and $40 per month incl 24 hours access and ALL classes

      Where does it say that they are doing any such thing? It's more likely they did a survey of some of their customers.

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