Google Currents Makes It Easier To Find Breaking News

Android/iOS: Google Currents, one of our favourite mobile newsreading apps, just picked up a major update that makes it even easier to scan your favourite sites, news categories, and help you find the latest and most interesting breaking stories.

The latest version of Google Currents gives you quick access to news categories from the drop-down at the top of the screen, and once you’re viewing an article, you can use the same menu to see all new posts from that publication. Since Google Currents connects with Google Reader, you can quickly scan stories from your favourite sites and save them for later reading. The app also now marks viewed stories as read so they won’t appear again, removing that “I’ve seen the same thing a dozen times” problem you may have experienced.

The app also makes it easy to just see breaking stories from around the globe. Just tap that same drop-down and select Breaking Stories, and you’ll see new stories in a variety of categories, all sorted so you see the ones that are of the most interest to you. The updates are live for the Android app (which supports and looks great on Android tablets), and an updated version of the iOS app is on the way shortly.

Google Currents (free) [Google Play via Official Android Blog]
Google Currents (free)[iTunes App Store]


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