Gift Guide: Travel Gear

Gift Guide: Travel Gear

Need to buy for a world-traveller or a world-weary commuter? Make their life much easier with these awesome travel organisation tools.

Travel Essentials

Telstra Prepaid 4G Mobile Broadband

For regular travels, mobile broadband saves on paying a fortune for hotel internet connections. The $169 prepaid 4G hotspot gives you high speeds across the country which you can share with up to five devices, and going prepaid means you won’t pay a fortune for data when you’re not on the road. If you want to spend a little less, there’s also a dongle option available. Read the original post


Most people have a place to set their keys at home, but when travelling there’s rarely a hook available. Hookeychain eliminates that problem through the magic of magnets. It not only sticks to magnetic surfaces, but also creates a hook so travellers can hang a coat (or whatever else). Read the original post.


Packing Tools

Packing isn’t a pain when you’re organised, but packing an efficient bag is easier said than done. These tools keep everything tidy and easily accessible.


The GRID-IT is one of our favourite organisation tools because of its versatility. GRID-IT provides a grid of elastic bands that allow you to add anything from cables to external hard drives to art tools to medicine bottles. If the item is relatively flat, GRID-IT can store it for you the any arrangement of your choice. GRID-ITs come in multiple sizes and even offer wrap versions that can store tablets and laptops in a separate slot. They’re amazing tools and start at around $30 (shop around online for the best price). Read the original post

Packing Cubes

No matter how well any traveller packs their suitcase, it often goes to hell once they start unpacking it. With packing cubes, every item is contained in a flexible, modular box. They work well for clothing, but can also store gadgets, cables, chargers, food, books or anything else you need in your luggage. Read the original post.

Cable Management

Any tech-savvy traveller knows the frustrating that comes with packing and managing the many cables and chargers for their gadgets. These gifts can help a friend or family member travel with their gear and without the headache.

Button 2.0

Anyone who has walked around with headphones knows that the cord flies around and can often get caught. Clipping the cord to a shirt solves this problem, and Button 2.0 makes that incredibly simple. A tiny little clip inside the button holds headphones in place. With a large range colours, it can match pretty much any shirt. It’s also inexpensive, so you can afford to get a few of them. Read the original post.



Bandits are tough elastic bands with hooks. They provide a means of wrapping things up and easily hanging them, which can really come in handy when you’re on the road. They make for a great stocking stuffer for any traveller who could use a little extra organisation. Read the original post.


AViiQ Ready Clips

Mini-cables are a necessity when packing, since they allow you to hook up an array of devices without wasting valuable storage space. ReadyClips make them even better by providing a hook at the end so they’re easily attachable (and detachable) from pockets, folders or papers. Give these to any traveller who needs to keep their multiple gadgets connected without adding too much bulk to their bag. Read the original post.



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