Gift Guide: Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Still haven't done any Christmas shopping, or just realised you missed someone vital? We're ready to help! Here are some easy ideas for last-minute purchases.

First up: don't delude yourself that you will be able to get something delivered before December 25. The intervening weekend and the generally overstrained nature of postal services and couriers are not your friends. You have two choices: braving a shopping centre or going digital. We're going to focus on the latter option.

Apps And Services

We've assembled gift guides covering a wide range of useful apps, no matter what computer or phone your recipient owns. We've even included downloadable gift tags if you need a card. Check them out:


This is a particularly good option for friends and family you won't see at Christmas: a ticket to catch up at some point in the future (perhaps your birthday, perhaps a significant anniversary). If you're wary of booking an actual ticket, Qantas and Virgin both offer gift vouchers. Speaking of which . . . Picture by matt_hintsa

Gift Cards

Think gift cards are impersonal? Skip this idea. Plenty of people like them. For maximum flexibility, pick a gift card that's usable with an online store or for digital media; that way, your recipient can enjoy some leisurely online shopping come Christmas afternoon. If you'd like a physical card to hand over but don't like the queues, we're impressed with JB Hi-Fi's option to grab cards in store and charge them up online.


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