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Android/iOS: Telstra has developed a special Sydney New Year's Eve app for the 2012 celebrations. While the app will offer neat on-the-spot features including four synchronised light shows involving every phone running the app, what really grabbed us is the offer for customers on any network to preload 50 text messages and then send them free automatically as 2013 kicks in.

You can preload the messages at any time before 6pm AEDT, and they will be automatically sent from midnight. The offer is open to customers on any network, not just Telstra. Aside from saving money, it's an efficient way of schedule new year messages without having to spend the first minutes of 2013 in a frenzy of texting.

Other features of the app include location maps for viewing the fireworks and a countdown widget (for Android users). You can also send messages to be displayed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, though only 1500 will be selected. The video above walks through the features in more detail.

The app is a free download for Android and iOS.

2012 Sydney New Year's Eve: Google Play, iTunes App Store


    If you have a smartphone, it's almost a given that you also have unlimited text on your plan.

      Only the $59_ plans do. I do on mine. But both my parents only have $29 plans with their smartphones (not top of the range obviously) - so no unlimited text.

      A lot of people still use pre paid, so I would think this is aimed at them. Even though telstra offer unlimited texts between 6pm & 6am to those on a certain prepaid offer.

      i think the main benefit to take from this is that they are free sms' scheduled to send automatically at midnight. a cool feature - if you're in to that sort of thing - to avoid the massive halt to communications every tower in a popular area experiences at midnight

        I'm on the $40 unlimited plan from Amaysim. Much better than anything the other telcos can offer. Runs on Optus too, and has everything unlimited except for 4GB data and international stuff/

    gotta love the fact that Telstra thinks WP8 ≠ Smartphone...

    Or possibly Telstra care factor ≤ number of WP8 users?

    "... it’s an efficient way of schedule new year messages without having to spend the first minutes of 2013 ..."
    feigning any real interest in the insecure mob of 'friends' you've told your phone to ping.

    Meanwhile, they've told their phones to do the same to you, in a futile and empty series of impersonal gestures which further devalue genuine interpersonal relationships in a world where 'social networking' is the oxymoron of the past decade.

    worth noting, made by the melbourne developers featured on gizmodo:

    (full disclosure - i work in the same office)

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