Frozen Ginger Keeps Longer And Is Easier To Peel Or Grate

Frozen Ginger Keeps Longer And Is Easier To Peel Or Grate

I love cooking with fresh ginger, but rarely do I use the entire root before it dries out in my fridge or cupboard. Freezing ginger will not only make it last for months but you’ll also find that it is easier to peel with a standard paring knife and much easier to grate as fresh ginger tends to separate into stringy fibres — grate while frozen to avoid this.

Household weblog The Manly Housekeeper shares that the only disadvantage to freezing ginger is that it is more difficult to cut into chunks when frozen. In that case you may want to peel and slice the ginger before freezing.

Quick Tip: Always Freeze Fresh Ginger [The Manly Housekeeper]


  • any food item though may increase the life of the item but will lose its character substantially when defrozen.Why play with the nature.?try a fresh food plucked from the plant,after storing,in any condition and particularly after defreezing and if you can not tell the difference there is something wrong with your taste buds.Jinger is a hurb(not used only for taste which is bitter and try eating it raw to know) but only if you know how to use it.It changes the properties when used fresh,dried and frozen.

  • I give you an insight.A raw grain of whet when you sow in the soil it grow in to plant.When you roast ,it is killed and will not grow.Can you grow roasted grain or grounded flour in to a plant.?It is philosophy of life which Indian civilisation researched and practiced for ages but in the hands of pirates,barbarians and uncivilised people from other parts of the world in search of wealth deprived the world of those life oriented things with the result they continue to be same barbarians depending on killing for their food.They can debate one way of killing animal for food is cruel and other not but show your children from meat comes and most will refuse to eat meat.

  • On a related note try growing ginger in a pot or your garden. I am not sure how far south it grows but it does well here in Coffs. Plant in November, keep the weeds away and harvest about May before the plant dies down. If left longer it has stronger flavour but is also stringier.

  • Have tried freezing with mixed success, one tuber became very slushy. Have since been storing in a bath of sherry in the fridge with great success; can be peeled or left with skin on.

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