From The Tips Box: iTunes 11 Search, iOS App Crashes

Lifehacker readers offer their best tips for improving iTunes 11's search, using vouchers on your smartphone, and stopping apps from crashing.

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Get iTunes 11's Search to Work Like It Used To

Jelles discovers a way to "fix" iTunes 11's new search feature:

The new search function in iTunes 11 does not find any data in the "comments" field. I have a lot of information stored in the comments to be able to quickly find certain tracks! I found that you can take iTunes 11 back to the old style search by clicking the magnifying glass, then unchecking "Search Entire Library." It then searches your current playlist or view setting like it used to.

Screenshot Digital Vouchers for More Savings

MsCassLopez shares a slightly evil trick for getting multiple discounts:

Michael's have a smartphone app that, among the "101 things to do with paper and glue" type articles, has coupons for sizable percentages off their merchandise. It's just been updated on iOS and among the "improvements" is the "use once only" coupon. As soon as you use it and dismiss it it's gone, you can't go out and come back in and use it again like everyone does, it's not there any more.

So, not to be outdone, you can take a screenshot of the coupon page before you use it then when you go back in five minutes later just let the checkout operator scan the photo of the coupon instead.

Sticking it to the man is more satisfying than 40% off one item!

I'm sure this works with other similar apps too. Heck, you could use this just to have quicker access to your vouchers, even if you aren't trying to use them multiple times. Going to Photos is easier than trying to navigate through apps for vouchers.

Get Rid of RAM-Hogging Jailbreak Tweaks to Stop App Crashes in iOS

I figured out one of the reasons apps keep crashing on my iPad:

I have a first-gen iPad, which has started experiencing a lot of app crashes. It was getting really annoying (happening all the time, but after turning off Winterboard, I found that I got far fewer crashes. I still get enough to make me mad and want to upgrade, but at least my Newsstand apps (the most common victims) are usable now. An obvious solution, but one I didn't discover for a few days of frustration.

Find My iPhone Tells You If Your Lost Phone is Plugged In

Codave finds a new feature in Find My iPhone:

The "Find My Phone" app on the iOS devices now includes an icon to show if the device you are searching for is plugged in. If it is, you could limit your searching to places near computers or outlets. Simply select the device and look in the top right corner of the map.


    Great iTunes 11 tip...! I was getting desperate with the degenerate search function...

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