Facebook Poke Sends And Self-Destructs Quick Messages

iOS: Facebook has released a new app for iOS based off Facebook's ever-popular "Poke" function. It's designed to send quick messages, photos or videos, and then self-destruct them after a designated amount of time.

It actually mimics features from the popular Snapchat app, which deletes messages at a time you set after you send them. It's not a method we recommend using for sending saucy pics or passwords, but we suppose it's a quick way to send messages and videos to your friends without cluttering up their inbox.

Facebook Poke [iTunes App Store via Facebook Newsroom]


    Sounds more like a way of sending hate mail. The cyber bullies will love this.

      One could just simply take a screenshot of the offending message though. Or is there a way to report/block people like with normal FB messages?

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