Facebook For Android Now Twice As Fast

Android: Facebook has unveiled a new version of its Android app, and you'll want to download it. It's much, much faster than the previous version, mostly because Facebook has rewritten the app from the ground up, ditching HTML5 and optimising the app for Android.

Speed is the only major change here — everything else is essentially identical to the old app. After updating, you'll notice that the app loads, scrolls and runs faster than the previous version. Photos load faster, liking and commenting on friends' posts is faster, and even scrolling feels more smooth.

There are a few new features: Facebook has added the ability to single-tap photos to open them directly so you can like and comment, and added a "New Stories" bar so you can see more news without refreshing your feed. Grab the new app now at the link below.

Facebook (Free) [Google Play via Android Police]


    Twice as fast only..??!!

    That still means slow to me!

    Downloaded this morning... still slow as molasses and still sucks on tablets (still has the menu button appearing in the navigation bar FFS). Not Impressed

    wow, it really is quick. It's about time though.

    Installed it, checked it out, looked nice and uninstalled it. Why? Cause it eats 40MB of memory and I need it maybe once a month. You can't have it on your phone and only load it when you want it. It wants to sit in memory ALL THE TIME. Even turning all notifications off makes no difference.
    Thanks, but no thanks. I'll use the browser instead.

    Tried it on my Nexus 7, it actually seems slower than the HTML5 version...

    Still not optimised for tablets. Very poor by Facebook

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