Empty Remains You To Empty Your Mac's Trash

Mac: It's easy to run out of disk space, and fixing the problem is often a matter of emptying the trash on your Mac. Empty is an app that reminds you when your trash gets excessively full.

You can just set a warning limit and it will let you know when it's time to empty it. The app lives in your Mac's menubar, and you can adjust settings whenever you like. It only does this one little thing, but you may find it useful if you have trouble remembering to keep your computer clean and tidy.

Empty (free) [Mac App Store]


    shouldn't that be 'Empty reminds you to...'?

      If you want to be all mainstream.

    I haven't used Trash/Recycle Bin for about 10 years and have had just one (easily solved) accidental delete. Such a waste of time.

    There are so many alimentary errors at this site that I'm seriously considering deleting it from my bookmarks.

    Like elementary? Agree but. Shocking site for proof reading.

    Yay!!!! Another thing to clog up my menubar.

    I think not, I'm a delete, check, empty in one go type person. Any mistakes and I'll restore from a backup.

    poof reading is a waste of time

    I run Windows, so I just do Shift+Delete. What's the point in Recycle Bin? If you decide to delete something, don't you want to remove it from your computer, not just move it to a system folder?

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