Doggy Ice Lick Keeps Summer Heat At Bay

Keep your canine friends cool this summer by making an ice lick that will pique your dog's interest: freeze chew toys inside a bucket filled with a mix of water and chicken broth.

Pet lifestyle weblog Cold Noses Chronicle shares this great tip for beating the heat. You can make the ice lick just using water but adding a can of chicken broth in the mix will make it taste better and the salt will help keep Fido hydrated. The chew toys will give him or her another point of interest and the author also recommends adding a carrot or two.

Fun Boredom Buster for Fido [via Fetchdog]

Note: This tip was originally posted at FetchDog and republished to Cold Noses Chronicles but the original post is no longer up.


    If other dogs are like mine , I think you will give puppy a major brain freeze!

    Speaking of dog toys, always get the blue ones. Dogs don't see in black and white they see in blue, yellow and grey. Blue items will stand out vividly to them on what is otherwise a murky yellowish field.

    Who has space for a bucket in their freezer!?

      Maybe use a smaller item. My dog is small and can´t lick that much in a whole week.

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