Do You Read Privacy Policies (And Do You Understand Them)?


    I think they need a law where product & service privacy policies/terms & conditions & contracts should have to be
    a) below a certain (reasonable) word count, and
    b) able to be read & reasonably understood by someone of very average reading comprehension (I'm sure a huge persentage of the population)

    I try and read them if I'm giving (or going to be giving) anything more than a username, email and password.

    I don't read them. Frustratingly long and complex. I simply assume they want to own everything I submit and then I decide if the service is that important to me.

    Read them: usually.
    Understand them: mostly.
    Able to hold to account: impossible.

    I always read them if I sign up to a service. How can anyone possibly agree to something you haven't read?

    Would you sign an agreement in the real would without reading it?
    Why should your online behaviour be any different?
    Only a fool would agree to something that they don't know what they are agreeing to.

    i don't bother, i know every time i click yes i'm basically screwed if i have any problem with this company. i don't have much problems understanding the lawyereese, but to be honest there's no point, it's not like i'm going to get to the bit where it says "and you will send us your first born child" and click no.

    The biggest problem with ANY of the "agree to this or else" type of policy or agreement is that none of them are effective.
    You see, one person can enter and another can use the site or software.
    The second person is not bound by the previous "agreement". They have not taken part in it nor have even seen it.

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