Do You Love Or Loathe iTunes 11?

iTunes 11 is a major rewrite that fundamentally changes the way Apple's media/phone/apps behemoth software works. There is lots to like about the new version, but some users have been complaining about performance issues. Now that everyone has been living with iTunes 11 for a while, we're wondering: how is iTunes working for you?

I'm a relatively light iTunes user, and I've never been a fan of the Windows implementation, which has been slow and buggy in my experience, as well as lacking keyboard shortcuts. iTunes 11 seems better in the shortcut department; the performance seems a little improved, though I wouldn't call it blazingly fast. How have you found it? Tell us in the comments.


    Once I re-enabled the Library Side-Bar, I'm not seeing any performance issues - though I did like Cover View, and miss it.

    Major omission is the ability to resize album covers in the grid view. They are way too small (especially when viewing on my TV through my home theatre PC) and I would hugely appreciate an update from Apple that restores this functionality.

    Slower than ever at everything: loading, closing, searching
    Doesn't remember last pane open
    Doesn't remember options I've clicked and said "don't ask me again".
    New layout in iTunes store is such that track information is even more biased to pop music, just forget about finding classical/jazz tracks with correct composer information.
    Sync is still a mess

    I still spend a bit of time at the desktop and use iTunes. After the initial 'change shock' I've warmed to it. Certainly see a marked performance improvement all round on the Mac. The only thing I miss is Coverflow and duplicate view, but I have software to find dups. Slightly off topic but I signed up for iTunes match and upgraded years worth of low bit rate stuff (hung over from the days when hard drive space was limited, even on desktop computers). Well worth the $34.00 as well. I still like to 'own' my music. From my perspective a good upgrade with a couple of minor (to me) qualifiers.

    Syncing my Iphone and Ipad both take substantially longer under Itunes 11 ("the new Itunes"?). The rest is pretty much the same once you turn all of the old displays on again - the new interface may be a prettier player, but for music and podcast management it's almost impossible to use.

    I've had my iTunes library organized since day 1. IMO the new software is much better..

    I love it. The "up next" playlist is fantastic and I haven't seen any performance issues (at least not any worse than iT10). A bit of a learning curve but well worth it IMHO

    Yeah once I got the Library Side Bar back & put all the views back to how I had them, I think it's great. Love the Up Next thing too...

    It's not terrible, but the sidebar should be present by default. The new drag and drop for playlists isn't particularly obvious, and its a bit slow.

    My main issue is that the UI just isn't as good as spotify.

    Yer like above with the side bar back its not so bad however i have over 6TB of data music, tv, movies and each week there is about 5 -8 shows that download automatically however these episodes DONT show up in Unwatched...i Think there is a bug and its driving me crazy! having to always look up everything and click "unwatched" also... um the size of artwork..if you have over 100 tv shows the scroll takes ages.. small covers back please!!

    If you had multiple downloads queued up, you used to see a count - AND could see / pause the items listed, courtesy of a sidebar option that has been removed.

    I definitely prefer iTunes 10. When syncing TV Shows to your peripherals, I realised that the two boxes that list TV Shows and specific TV episodes aren't constrained- meaning that with over 50 TV Shows, I would need to scroll all the way down for, let's say the Walking Dead, and then scroll all the way back up to select the TV episodes. Just one example of the poorly thought out UI.

    I used to use the iTunes 10 grid view all the time, so I love iTunes 11, because it's basically an enhanced version of what I've been using for ages.
    Once I re-enabled the status bar, it was perfect.

    I was REALLY annoyed by "iTunes in the Cloud" stuff showing up in my library by default. It meant I had a ton of duplicates, including songs which were suddenly re-ticked incorrectly. Even worse, when iTunes got to one of these songs the streaming was TERRIBLE - start.stop.wait.etc. Just about drove me insane until I saw how you turn that 'feature' off.

    wish they would make the Cover view for Artist instead of Album, also dark background back.
    Resizing more popular artists would be amazing aswell, sort of like what facebook did with their photos

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