DIY Paint Brush Holder Keeps Brushes Properly Wet Or Dry

DIY Paint Brush Holder Keeps Brushes Properly Wet Or Dry

If you paint fine art, crafts, or just walls you know the importance of keeping your brushes wet while covered in paint. Cover the sides of a small wastebasket with pipe insulation to have a handy way to keep brushes wet while you’re in the middle of a project.

Instructables user mole1 cut slits in pipe insulation with a hobby knife to fit various sizes of paint brushes. When he wants to keep them wet he fills the wastebasket with water and just pour out the water to have a convenient place for the brushes to dry.

Brush Holder [Instructables]


  • I need to make this. One of the things I have learned is it is always, always, always worth investing in the best brushes you can find. That saying ‘a bad craftsman blames his tools’ is bullshit, a good paintbrush will save you time, are a delight to work with and will always give you a better result. Once you’ve got your brushes it’s really important to take care of them too. If you leave a brush to dry upright then water gets into the ferrule(the metal bit) and weakens the glue. Once the glue is gone you will be finding hairs in your paint forever and you might as well throw the brush away. I ‘m going to make one of these for my brushes and store my cleaning solution/rags etc in the basin so whenever I clean up all my stuff is on hand.

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