Discontinued Google Services Have Already Been Replaced

In an attempt to clear out the clutter, Google has disabled a handful of old services that have been replaced by newer options or simply aren't needed anymore. This includes Google Sync, Google Calendar Sync, the Issue Tracker API and SMS event scheduling.

This may sound awful, as sync is an important part of Google's services and something they do well, but calendars already sync (and still will sync) with CalDAV just like contacts will with CardDAV and so on. These open-source technologies will now take precedence over previously used proprietary ones like Microsoft Exchange. (For those of you using iOS, just follow these instructions if you want to make sure your iDevice is working with the newer sync options.) For more details, hit up the Official Google Blog.

Winter Cleaning [Official Google Blog]


    Looks like the Calendar Sync download link is being removed but you can still use the program. Are there other ways people are syncing up their Outlook calendars to Google?

    Isn't your link to how to get GMail working on iOS exactly what they're retiring? Accessing Gmail as if it's an Exchange server via sync?

    Google calendar sync is not needed? Tell that to my workplace Outlook, which syncs with my Google calendar.

    And no, I can't "just connect to the exchange server".

    Massively disappointed by this. What are the sane alternatives?

      There's really no issue here. Nothing has been "disabled", they're just not taking new sign-ups. Pretty poor reporting really.

      What will happen to Google Calendar Sync after December 14, 2012?
      The service will continue to work for existing Google Sync devices. Google Sync will continue to work, be supported, and take new sign-ups for Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government customers.


        also, this: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/12/google-retires-sync-and-other-services/

      I agree. Although it'll continue to work on my current machine, the next time I'm forced to move to a different work computer, I'll no longer be able to sync my work calendar with my google one. That's not replacing services, it's removing them.

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