Colour Code Your Tools To Easily Locate The Required Size

It can be hard to tell the difference between a 3/16" and 1/4" spanner, and it's even harder when you're underneath a car or up on a ladder. Instructables user bfk has a simple solution: paint them different colours.Sure, you'll end up with a toolset that looks like it was previously owned by a clown, but this can make grabbing the right wrench a much similar process. Bfk has not only painted his spanners, but also the different bolts for his car, so that at any given moment he can simply "match" the bolt to the right tool easily. It's an idea you could easily adapt to small computer screws. Hit the link to see more.

Wrench Sizes... Problem Solved [Instructables]


    Some people spend a lot of money on their tools, it might be hard convincing them to turn them technicoloured.

      People that spend a lot of money on their tools usually keep them well organised thus negating the need to colour code anything.

    They could put different-coloured electric tape or rubber bands on them? Less permanent but same kind of result.

    If anyone did this is a proper workshop they would be laughed out of the industry.

    Coloured heatshrink would work better

    3/16"?! 1/4"!?!

    Are we still in the stoneages?!?!

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