Cheaper Christmas Puddings Taste Cruddier

If you prefer a traditional Christmas, pudding is definitely part of the package, and the chances are you'll buy one rather than making it from scratch. A taste test of 14 puddings by consumer advocate CHOICE suggests it's worth spending up, with the higher-priced products scoring better than their cheaper counterparts.

The cheapest pudding in the test cost 71 cents per 100 grams, while the priciest was $5.50 for the same quantity. CHOICE gave top marks to Itha's Traditional Plum Pudding, which at $4.20 per 100 grams was at the pricier end of that range. That said, all four of the best-tasting pudding cost above $3.60 per 100 grams.

While that suggests that spending up makes sense, the finding wasn't universal. The "luxury" version of ALDI's Christmas pudding wasn't ranked any higher than the regular variant. Hit the link for the full review.

Christmas pudding reviews [Choice]


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