Charge Android Apps To Your Telstra Bill

Want to go on an Android app buying frenzy without using a credit card? Telstra is now letting contract customers charge purchases from Google Play to their monthly bill, while prepaid users can buy apps directly from their existing credit.

Customers with a Telstra SIM will see 'Bill my Telstra account' as an option when they purchase apps, books or movies. The first time you use the service, you'll have to register your billing address with Google; after that, purchases are automatic. You're restricted to $20 per purchase, and contract customers can't spend more than $100 per month. If you don't want the ability to purchase apps included, you can contact Telstra and ask for your monthly purchase limit to be reduced to zero. In that scenario, you'll still be able to buy apps via credit card, but not on your bill.

As a launch promotion, Telstra is offering selected Android apps, including SwiftKey, Sketchbook Mobile and HD Widets, at half price until December 18.

Android isn't the first platform to have this option; Telstra introduced the ability to pay for BlackBerry App World purchases on your bill last year. We don't imagine there will be similar flexibility for the iTunes store any time soon.



    Does this still work if you have a handset purchased outright?

    Or are you required to have a Telstra-based ROM on the phone?

    Last edited 04/12/12 12:17 pm

    Nope, works if you bought it outright. Been this way on WinMo for a while now.

    better watch you don't end up with a $28000 bill from Telstra that only gets sorted when you phone a radio station about it!

    Telstra should lift limit per item purchase limit above $20.

    Follow and kudos this crowdsupport article so Telstra hopefully pay attention!

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