Canberra Dominating IT Contractor Roles

Looking for work as an IT contractor? Your best bet might be to brush up on your business intelligence skills and move to Canberra.

Canberra photo by Neale Cousland from Shutterstock

An analysis of hiring between June and November by ITCRA suggests that the drive towards big data projects is continuing to fuel demand for IT workers with BI skills. ITCRA tracked 333 hires in the BI consultancy space during that period, a figure only outstripped by general desktop and network support roles (387 hires). Other active areas included project managers (307 hires) and analyst programmers (259 hires).

Canberra remains the most active market for contractors, a trend ITCRA attributes to the large number of government projects in the national capital. That is already driving many workers to move to the ACT, with 29 per cent of contractors hired in this period moving from interstate. Canberra also had the highest proportion of long-term contracts, with 44 per cent of roles running for 12 months or more.


    Odd. Considering how many departments are shedding contractors right now in an effort to save money ... it must be pretty dire elsewhere.

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