Build An Overhead Tablet Mount For Your Bed

If you want to rig up a system where you can view your tablet from your bed while laying on your back you'll just need to install a bookshelf a metre above your pillow and make a mount from sturdy cardboard to attach to the underside of the shelf.

Reddit user bookshelffairy built this mount so he can use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for internet browsing while avoiding back pain when in bed. The cardboard mount can be attached to the shelf in a variety of ways. If you know someone who is confined to their bed or just really lazy this seems to be an ideal solution for using a tablet in your bed.

Build a tablet PC mount for your bed! [Reddit]


    Never mind that this Lifehacker article basically says that tablets and sleeping don't mix.

      I don't see how that matters. What are they, our parents?

        Apologies. Irony alert, olearymo. When a publication offers contradictory advice (without acknowledging as much, which sometimes Lh does) it can seem a little droll.

        It's like the women's magazine that in October advises the wearing of sunscreen every day of the year (very wise) and then in May suggests that since winter is coming and you don't need your sunscreen anymore (!?!) you can use the leftover as shaving cream on your legs. I just find that sort of thing amusing, and from an editorial perspective comment-worthy.

        Last edited 25/12/12 11:12 am

          I agree for the most part - though I feel this kind of Lifehacker article isn't suggesting that you use the tablet in bed. It's merely suggesting that if you want to, here's how.

          Do see your point though. Also, I just have to say, I'm not sure I'd do *anything* a women's magazine (or 'men's' magazine for that matter) says!

    I would have thought that a much better solution would be attaching a case to the arm portion of an anglepoise lamp. That way it's not fixed permanently in one position.

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