Buffer Streamlines Sharing Across Social Networks

Buffer Streamlines Sharing Across Social Networks

Web/iOS: Buffer is a useful tool for scheduling social networking posts. Now, the service supports additional networks, more post and media types, and offers additional tools.

The new Buffer supports Twitter, Facebook, App.net, LinkedIn, as well as multiple accounts at each of those services. At its core, the service still lets you add posts, video, photos, articles and links to your “buffer”, to be slowly distributed and posted over time. That way you don’t post the same thing to all of your networks at the same time (irritating people who follow you on multiple networks) or post all the things you want to share at once (irritating everyone everywhere).

Beyond that, the new Buffer gives you more control over what’s posted where and at what time and lets you copy previously posted updates from one network to another. If you manage a social account for your company, you’ll love the new analytics. The new Buffer iOS app is free from the iTunes App Store. A matching update to the Android app is on the way.


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