Best Of 2012: Wallpaper

Fancy a change of desktop? Throughout the year, we offer wallpaper collections and advice on where to find awesome designs. Here are the most popular choices from 2012 in our ongoing Best Of 2012 series

Five Best Wallpaper Sites

Personalising your desktop starts with customising your wallpaper. Finding wallpapers for your desktop isn't difficult, but everyone has an opinion about which sites offer the best selection of wallpapers for high-resolution displays, multiple for screens, or with the best imagery. Here are five of the best wallpaper resources, based on your nominations.

Where To Find Wallpapers For The iPhone 5 (And How To Make Your Own)

So you've got a shiny new iPhone 5, but you're already sick of the default "water ripple" wallpaper and those old iPhone 4 wallpapers are too small. The web may not be teeming with iPhone 5-sized wallpapers yet, but here's where you can find one that suits your tastes — and how to crop one for yourself.

Weekly Wallpaper: Stay Inspired With These Motivational Wallpapers

Here are some of the best wallpapers from Inkdryer Creative, most of which not only look great but also keep you motivated.

How To Find Mac OS X Mountain Lion's 43 Hidden Wallpapers

Mountain Lion has a semi-secret directory stuffed full of beautiful wallpapers, including photos from National Geographic and images taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. Luckily, they're easy to find and use. You just have to know where to look.

Weekly Wallpaper: Set Your Multiple Desktops To These Dual-Monitor Images

It has been a while since we last featured ultra-wide wallpapers for your multiple monitors, so we thought we'd offer up another pack. Here are 13 awesome options for your many displays.

Weekly Wallpaper: Get All That Crap Off Your Desktop

Our desktops often get too busy and too cluttered. Although there are definitely nice ways to clean them up, it helps if your wallpaper isn't adding to the clutter as well. This week, let your desktop breathe and set it to one of these simple, minimalist wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Take Your Desktop Around The World

The view from your computer may not be ideal, but even if you can't see the world in reality you can easily shift your desktop to another part of the glove with a great image. Here are our favourite worldwide wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Gaze Off Into The Distance

Staring at your computer is never going to actually transport you outdoors, but when you're stuck in the office it can be nice to be able to gaze off into the distance now and then. You can do just that with these 10 great landscape wallpapers.

Weekly Wallpaper: Set Your Desktop To Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Apple announced that Mac OS X Mountain Lion is coming in July, but if you want to get in on the fun a little early, you can grab a few of the new wallpapers including with the operating system. This week we're sharing a few of our favourites, but be sure to hit up Cult of Mac for the entire pack if you want to download them all.

Weekly Wallpaper: Reader Wallpaper Pack 6.0

Some of the best wallpapers we find come from you. You're finding awesome stuff on the web or making it yourself. These wallpapers don't always fit into a category, and so the reader wallpaper pack was created. This is our sixth. Come check out some great images from your fellow readers.


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