BaconReader Is A Tasty Android Reddit Client

If you're an active Redditor with an Android phone or tablet consider installing BaconReader; a Reddit client that makes it easy to browse, comment and create new topics as well as upload images from your phone directly to Imgur.

The client is well-optimised for Android — you can swipe a comment to upvote, downvote, check the user's profile, or open a linked item in a post. The top of the screen has two pull-down menus; one for your chosen sub-reddit and the second to filter by rating, newness, what's hot, etc. I also like that the comments are colour-coded so it's easy to figure out where the comment is in the reply hierarchy.

The app is well designed and free if you're willing to put up with a banner ad or you can upgrade to the premium version for $US1.99. All in all it's a much nicer way to use Reddit from your phone over navigating the full site in a mobile browser.

BaconReader for Reddit [Google Play App Store]


    Reddit Sync is far superior...

    Been using BaconReader for a long time now, loving it :)
    Really enjoy the night theme.

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