Avoid An Untouchably Hot Steering Wheel

We all know that parking in the sun results in a hot car. Redditor IHaveNoSwag has a great solution: turn your wheel 180 degrees when you park.

Photo by Joe Baz

Rotating the wheel puts the side you normally touch in the shade and leaves the other side exposed to the sun. While part of your wheel will still be pretty hot when you touch it, you'll quickly revert it back to its normal position and you'll no longer have to worry about burning your hands. This is pretty smart, and makes me look back sadly on 12 years of hand-searing driving I could have avoided.

Turn your steering wheel 180 degrees when parking in the sun on a hot day [Reddit]


    Or get a leather steering wheel cover

    Or you can buy a reflective steering wheel cover. Works on the same principle as reflective windscreen covers.

    Good idea. But doesnt help too much if you have to park in an area where your car is covered by the sun all day.

    Reefing the wheel while your car is stationary? I'm pretty sure that's going to cause problems with your power steering.

    Stupid idea when you consider a steering wheel cover is ~$10

    Or just man up and take the burn...

    Lifehacker should know what your recommending is "Dry Steering" and causes damage to the rack and pinion, pump, tie rods, and bearings and also causes undue wear to the steering wheels..

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