Activate JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards At Home

Activate JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards At Home

Queue-phobic? JB Hi-Fi is encouraging customers to grab gift cards from stores and walk out with them, then pay for them at home via credit card.

Not everyone wants to give gift cards, but if they’re on your list this definitely will save some time as your race through the shops. Seen similar offers anywhere else? Tell us in the comments.

JB Hi-Fi Gift Card Activation


  • They had this last year. Just after it was implemented I had a minor issue with a security guy not letting me though but I got a staff member and all was fine. Done it a few times since and the security guys have been fine with it so they obviously know the policy. I think it’s an awesome idea, saves queuing and gets people in and out quicker during the rush.

  • Big W had leaflets about them doing exactly the same thing.. I had to read it about 4 times to try and comprehend that they’re telling you to walk out carrying something that you haven’t paid for (actually, the leaflet said to grab a few to have on hand as emergency gifts).. Fair enough it has no value until it’s activated, but it’s still a strange thing to to try & get through your head as a consumer.
    Can’t find anything on it now, and I’ve since thrown out the leaflet.

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