ACCC Shopper Reminds You Of Your Rights

ACCC Shopper Reminds You Of Your Rights

Android/iOS: Returning a product and not quite sure of your legal rights? The new ACCC Shopper serves as a handy one-stop resource for checking what your consumer rights are when confronting dodgy retailers, as well as explaining what terms like ‘made in Australia’ actually mean.

The app also includes a feature for photographing receipts and a ‘My items’ section for listing expiry dates for warranties and gift vouchers. It’s a free download for iOS and Android devices. The ACCC has experienced a busy year with apps, having rolled out a product recalls app in August.

ACCC Shopper: iTunes App Store, Google Play


  • So, nothing again for the Windows phone. And the article says the ACCC has had a busy year with apps. Well, there’s still 3 weeks left, so maybe there is some hope. But then as someone is sure to point out, there are only 8 people with Windows Phones, so maybe it is just not worth the effort.

    • It should only serve as a reference to their own records (perhaps an invoice number or similar) so any format should do. Demanding an original if they only gave you a thermal printed receipt would be unworkable as they can be made unreadable just by being left in your car on a hot day.

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