13 In Thirteen Motivates You To Learn New Skills In 2013

The new year is almost upon us; for many that means making resolutions that last a month or two before falling prey to apathy. Combat this attrition by using motivational tools such as the 13 in Thirteen webapp, which helps you by setting up goals and achievements for each skill you'd like to learn or improve in 2013.

The webapp was designed by Jack Spirko, host of the popular emergency preparedness show The Survival Podcast. Reflecting that, the top skills currently selected by users tend to include marksmanship, gardening, food storage and alternative energy. However, the site has in-depth listings for many other skills including fitness, cooking and permaculture.

Interested users can list up to 13 skills from a list of around 150 and then set specific goals within that discipline for the year. Followup is made through a forum, weblog and achievements that can be shared on your social networks. The site is still under development and you'll find a bug here or there, but overall it's a solid way to help reinforce learning new skills while networking with others who have similar goals.

Here are a few Lifehacker posts to help get you started:

13 in Thirteen


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