Zeebox Is A Socially-Minded TV App

Watching TV and commenting simultaneously on social media is dangerously addictive. Zeebox aims to centralise that activity, providing with a way of tracking what friends and others are watching, commenting on those shows, and even scheduling viewing parties.

When you set up Zeebox, you tell it where you're located, whether you have pay TV as well as free-to-air, and HD. It then provides an interactive TV guide for upcoming shows. You can book reminders through the app (and automatically change channels if you link your device via Bluetooth to your TV or set-top box), and see what other friends and Zeebox users are planning to watch. You can also link your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can comment on shows ahead of time.

Zeebox's initial launch partner in Australia is Channel 10; the network has been advertising the app heavily, and will be offering additional content such as polls and competitions. While that gives it an obvious comparison point with Seven's Fango and Nine's Jump-In, Zeebox Australia says it is open to partnering with any network that's interested.

Zeebox is a free download for iOS and Android devices. You can also access it via the Zeebox site.



    10's Zeebox, Seven’s Fango and Nine’s Jump-In: each trying to own & track the conversation, ears, eyes & info of viewers. Each trying to become Facebook & Twitter clones. The real things are obnoxious enough - only useful because they are ubiquitous. The limited poor imitations wont work.

    Pay TV channels might, but there's no way 7 or 9 will sign up to a service that is competing with it's own.

    Yes you are asked if you have payTV but it doesn't have the payTV guide in the app at present. The notification sound can't currently be changed and the guide itself is a bit tricky to use on a phone. Other than that it's not a bad app.

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