YouTube's New TV Interface

Want to watch a YouTube video on your TV or on a second screen? The option to 'pop out' a YouTube video by right-clicking on it (also useful if you want to launch a video from your RSS feed) has received a major revamp to make it more TV-friendly.

The new full-screen look, which effectively replaces the YouTube Leanback interface, is designed to allow you to easily navigate with an attached remote or keyboard. Google Operating System sums up the keyboard shortcuts involved:

  • Home or G for a content-browsing home page.
  • The up and down arrow keys to navigate between different categories.
  • The left and right arrow keys to navigate between items.
  • Esc to go back to a previous screen.
  • There's an on-screen keyboard for typing in searches, though like most such options it's a little fiddly to use.

    Google has also added an option to pair your mobile phone or tablet to any console, smart TV or set-top box that supports Bluetooth. Many existing smart TVs include their own YouTube viewing app that's tailored to the existing remote. If your TV doesn't support that, this could be a useful enhancement.

    YouTube TV Pop Out [Google Operating System]


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