‘You Cannot Be Really First-Rate At Your Work If Your Work Is All You Are’

‘You Cannot Be Really First-Rate At Your Work If Your Work Is All You Are’

This quotation comes from author Anna Quindlen and serves to remind us that work can’t be everything. Sometimes we get caught up in our daily routines and neglect other parts in our lives because work seems so urgent, but we can’t be truly great if we’re focused to the point of being one-eyed.

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On top of that, think about how boring a person can be if they only talk about one thing. It’s hard to assign urgency to other things in your life when you’re on the job, but it’s extremely important. You end up better for it.

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  • Disagreed, vehemently. The times I have been truly great at my work have been when it basically consumed my life. Now granted, I have advantages in this area that most do not, that make this possible without permanently harming other aspects of my life — I am without family except for an elderly aunt, and my primary talents are the skills I bring to the workplace and get joy out of using there. So, really, I’ve got nothing important to neglect while I’m at work. Disadvantages to some, but as I don’t have much of a choice about those circumstances, I’ve been able to turn them into advantages.

    I live to accomplish AMAZING things at work, and the most amazing things happen when I’m in a workplace with a huge project and people doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Granted, if it goes on too long, it becomes an exhausting death march and lack of sleep and nutrition affects performance, but for a few months at a time, it’s great.

  • Ha, poor committed workaholics out there. They’ve been striving for years, working twice as hard as those around them, developing skills and knowledge that only time on the job can give, and now they find out that not only are they boring to talk to, they’re also second rate at the thing they excel at.

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