Would You Like KFC As An In-Flight Meal?

As a "holiday special", Japan Airlines is going to serve KFC to its passengers over the next three months. Is fast food the future of in-flight meals?

Passengers will get two pieces of chicken, bread and coleslaw on selected trips, the LA Times reports. Having eaten KFC reheated in a microwave, I'm not entirely sure this will work well. That said, airline food is rarely inspiring anyway. Do you fancy the thought of eating KFC or Maccas while flying overseas? Share your thoughts in the comments.

KFC in the air: Japan Airlines to serve fast food on holiday flights [LA Times]


    I work in Flight Catering and feared this day would come.

    The obvious question is how do they get the plane through the drive-thru?

    I mean, it's a long way from the window to the door and you don't want to be handing those cardboard tray thingys down the aisle.

      Anyone want to go [nose] coning? Or do KFC not have soft serve?

    As the good doc said, the 3 rules of decent/healthy eating are:

    1. Eat food
    2. Not too much
    3. Mostly plants.

    KFC falls foul of #1.

    In their defense, KFC has a different perception in Japan where it is like a specialty restaurant for special occassions. Apparently you need to pre-order very early for their christmas banquets, and it is most always sold-out.

      Yeah over there it's their Christmas tradition like how there's always turkey for thanksgiving in America.

    In Japan, during Christmas the lines outside KFC are out the door. It might just be JAL serving traditional Japanese Christmas meals

    Scrap KFC, they need to get some Lawson's chicken!

    (Hopefully someone else here has been to Japan and knows what I'm talking about...)

    Hells yeah, would love KFC over typical airline food.

    Jesus, who made that image up? "Here's a good idea, take the same picture, and flip it four times!"

    Should be serving Mos Burger IMO.

    As long as the server the Double Down

    It won't happen here. KFC is massive in Japan. People think it's popular here, where you often need to wait 30 minutes on Friday/Saturday nights. But a friend went to Japan, and waited in line for 3 hours to get served on several occasions.

    hard enough to get fresh kfc at kfc. this will be interesting.

    About a decade back they used to serve McDonalds for kids meals on one of the carriers in the USA. I remember thinking it was amazing to eat cheeseburgers on a plane as a kid, not so much now.

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