Would You Contract For A Company Where You Wouldn’t Work Full-Time?

Not everyone wants to work for a large company. The traditional approach of a big corporation (fixed hours, central location, clock watching) can seem entirely pointless in terms of productivity. But would you happily work as a contractor for a business where you wouldn’t want to work for full-time?

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I’m reflecting on this after hearing some comments from Steve Brown, Intel’s chief evangelist, made at a media breakfast on the future of work which I attended this morning. Discussing the increasing need for flexibility when hiring employees, Brown noted that Intel (and other tech behemoths) had found hiring contract workers a more effective way of attracting

If I look at a company like Intel, we need a lot of great software talent — increasingly we’re a blended compute company — but a lot of software developers don’t want to work for a corporation. They don’t want to work for an Intel or a Microsoft or any large company, but they may be willing to work on a contract. So contracting may be a tool that brings in talent you may not be able to get otherwise.

That makes sense, but I’m curious about how widespread that attitude is. Would you apply different standards to a contracting job than a full-time gig? Tell us, and tell us why, in the comments.

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