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The Livescribe digital pen has long been a Lifehacker favourite for its ability to record audio while linking it to the notes you write at the same time. The newly-released Livescribe Sky wifi adds Wi-Fi sync to the device, meaning your notes and audio are instantly uploaded to the cloud for easy access wherever you need them.

You can see a basic demo of the Livescribe Sky wifiin the video above, or find more details on the official site. But we can offer an even better option for getting familiar with Livescribe in its new cloud-enabled format: we have five Livescribe Sky wifi pens to give away as prizes for lucky readers.

To enter, just answer this question in the comments below:

With the Sky wifi smartpen, you can easily record your notes and audio and access them anytime and anywhere on nearly any device. So, if you could record just one conversation and play it back on your tablet, smartphone or laptop any time, what would it be? It could be a famous moment in history, the first time you met your partner, or your boss's performance review. Tell us what you'd record, and why.

The entry we judge the most original and amusing will win an 8GB Sky Wi-Fi Pro Pack, which includes a one-year subscription to Evernote Premium, valued at $345. There are four additional runners-up prizes: two readers will win the 4GB Sky wifi pack (valued at $275 each), and two more will receive the 2GB Sky wifi (valued at $229).

Full terms and conditions are here. The competition closes at 10:00am on Friday November 23; what are you waiting for?


    I'd record the moment the doctor turned to me and announced the birth of my son. Still the best day of my life!

    What would I record with it? The life of my 5yr daughter, through her eyes. I cannot imagine a more wonderful thing to cherish.

    The resurrection of Jesus, coz then you would know if it was true or not!

    If I had this magical pen and the ability to time travel (I'm assuming this ability will be available with the next upgrade?) I would whisk myself back in time to visit Moses on Mount Sinai where I would hand him this pen to write the ten commandments. There behind a rock or some non-burning bush I would add some additional commandments to his list:

    11) Thou shalt not sendith spam emails. For the Lord liketh a tidy inbox and has concerns over his junk mail filter.

    12) Thou shalt not buy the first release of any Apple product. For the tree that growith this fruit has more features next season and in smaller, more pleasing packaging.

    13) Thou shalt not create extravagant email signatures. The lord will strike down frivolous branding and excessive contact details.

    14) Thou shalt play well with others on the internet. The lord will keepith all IP address and he will smite the trolls and poke the flamers with pointy implements.

    And because Moses will be using God's personal wifi he will simply upload his notes and my audio notes to the cloud where God will present him with 2 iPads complete with a list of commandments.

    After this little adventure I will then time jump to the year 2001 and rewrite the ending of Star Trek Voyager.

    What would I record? The conversation I had with a family of orphaned children in the middle of the Horn of Africa drought crisis last year. Imagine people being able to hear their voices in real time (surely we can work our streaming on this thing) as I sat with them in the heat and dust.

    I'd love to go back and allow the pen to be used to record both the text and audio of the moment where the phrase "The pen is mightier than the sword" was first written/uttered. For this saying is proven over and over again, by the need for devices such as the LiveScribe to record our mighty pen moments.

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    I wish I could record conversations that never happened: Socrates and Kant, Newton and Einstein, Ghandi and the Dalai Lama....

    I would record go back in time and record conversations with loved ones that are no longer with us

    I'd use it for personal therapy. I'd get really, really drunk, and record a conversation with a pretty girl. Then when sober I'd play it back, see what a complete idiot I am when drunk, and then never drink again. This handy deterrent could follow me wherever I am, being accessible on all my devices. Who needs AA when you have a Livescribe Sky? ;-)

    It would be my headmaster from primary school saying "have a go"

    I would love to record the contract negotiations between Kurt Tippet and the Sydney Swans (or Gold Coast or GWS)...

    I remember once in prep we were sitting in a circle on the floor and I farted so I would record the lengthy class discussion that followed which resulted in a kid on the opposite side of the circle getting the blame and having to apologise.

    I live with the guilt everyday.

    The conversations my Mum is having with her doctors. More importantly the ones she is having with herself.

    She was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer not quite two months ago. It spread to her liver, and since to her pelvis and spine. She's having difficulties writing. I'd hate for her last thoughts and conversations to be lost.

    I'd write down what's happening in the birthing room from whence my son was born. In excruciating detail.

    What was said at Martin Luther King Jnr and Malcolm X's only meeting, which was brief.

    I would record the sermon on the mount, to see whether Jesus really did say, "blessed are the cheese makers."

    i would record the exact moment i proposed to my girlfriend.

    Despite its potential brevity, I would love to have been able to record and listen to the discussion which took place between Spartan leaders when deciding upon a reply to the message sent by the marauding Philip II of Macedon (who had subjugated many key Greek city-states) demanding their submission; that IF they did not surrender he would utterly annihilate their state. They replied with the classic, one-word Laconic response: "If". Despite written history presenting them as being quite surly, blunt and pragmatic in their oratory and writing, I bet the Spartans were killing themselves with laughter and having a good old time thinking of such an off-putting and smart-alec remark. "How about: Get stuffed, Phil!" - "Ha ha ha, nah, mate. I got this. How about we just say 'IF'? That'd be gold."

    When I asked my wife's father for permission to marry her. I flew from the UK to Singapore and met up with him at a big hawker centre for a few beers after we ate together. The unique sounds of Singapore's foodie nightlife in the background with that conversation. I drank most of my beer beforehand, I think he drank plenty more straight after!

    I would record the steering committee for which I was writing minutes where the committee chair burst into the room 20 minutes late, let fly a barrage of expletives and accusations that I had moved the meeting at the last minute. I happily reminded him he asked for it to be moved to a room next to his office an hour earlier.

    I would love to hear my Grandpa tell me his stories again - a link to his and my past.

    My grandma met a prince in Morocco, kept monkeys in a mansion in Hong Kong, was presented with Baked Alaska on platters by a hundred sailors on her wedding day during WWII and currently has a mafia boss living next door who wheels dirt about the garden in a wheelbarrow at night. Thus, with a Livescribe Sky I would interview her on lazy Sunday afternoons to pen the greatest novel of all time—My Grandma's Life As She Knows It.

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