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The Livescribe digital pen has long been a Lifehacker favourite for its ability to record audio while linking it to the notes you write at the same time. The newly-released Livescribe Sky wifi adds Wi-Fi sync to the device, meaning your notes and audio are instantly uploaded to the cloud for easy access wherever you need them.

You can see a basic demo of the Livescribe Sky wifiin the video above, or find more details on the official site. But we can offer an even better option for getting familiar with Livescribe in its new cloud-enabled format: we have five Livescribe Sky wifi pens to give away as prizes for lucky readers.

To enter, just answer this question in the comments below:

With the Sky wifi smartpen, you can easily record your notes and audio and access them anytime and anywhere on nearly any device. So, if you could record just one conversation and play it back on your tablet, smartphone or laptop any time, what would it be? It could be a famous moment in history, the first time you met your partner, or your boss's performance review. Tell us what you'd record, and why.

The entry we judge the most original and amusing will win an 8GB Sky Wi-Fi Pro Pack, which includes a one-year subscription to Evernote Premium, valued at $345. There are four additional runners-up prizes: two readers will win the 4GB Sky wifi pack (valued at $275 each), and two more will receive the 2GB Sky wifi (valued at $229).

Full terms and conditions are here. The competition closes at 10:00am on Friday November 23; what are you waiting for?


    The moment when Donald Trump was told about Obamas win and his majority vote.

    I'd have to say that I'd record Charlie Chaplin's speech from The Great Dictator on the Livescribe Sky wifi. I've never experienced such a thrill from such a great speech that covers such a broad spectrum of topics, and that could give the Livescribe Sky wifi's recording even more of a greater meaning. Demotivated about university assignments and exams? Play the speech. Struggling to get through 8 hours of solid work? Play the speech. I'd find no greater motivator than that speech, and I'd love to have the ability to play it back 24/7.

    I would record the first time my son wrote his name. He was so proud of himself and couldn't stop saying it all day.

    As I would be using it EVERY morning I would just simply record 'Keep smiling, another new day!'

    Well I have a friend whom never gives me credit or a simple 'great work.' The first time he says or writes it, I would want to keep to forever to play it back when he doesn't say it.

    I would record the first time she said she loved me.

    I'd record my brother talking in his sleep - he never believes that he does it, yet I've gained a lot of knowledge about his life that way (and not always things I wanted to know!).

    I would record the first comedy show I ever saw.

    For the life of me, the only joke I remember was the opener:
    Two fish were sitting in a tank. The first turns to the second and says: "I don't know how to drive this. Do you?"

    I would record the day of my graduation, I've had quite a few other people more senior in my workplace telling me that they still have nightmares of not being able to graduate from med school so I think I'd like something to reassure me of that

    My father died in 2008. He was a WWII veteran who didn't talk much about his military life. Being able to record him and his stories before he died would of been amazing. A simple way to not only have the text but also his speech is something we could all use to remember loved ones.

    I would love to use this device to record my children's first drawings and words. Now I don't have any children (yet, we're working on that), but that's okay - I don't have a Livescribe yet either! :)

    I would write out the shopping list with it. for two reasons. One, I can't get my wife to stop using paper lists and use the iphone for the shopping list. Also, when my wife or kids tell me I forgot to buy something, we can go to the recording to settle any disputes

    My oldest brother would exploit my eagerness to do whatever he was doing and when he had an opportunity to organise the school book sale, he employed me to do all the hard work. He promised me payment in the form of something I lusted after at the time, "a dancing coke can". He sat there counting his earnings and when it came to payment, he claimed no such agreement was made. To this day the "promise of a dancing can" is brought up at family dinners/disputes as well as every time he asks for a favour. What I would give to have recorded the conversation and be able to play it back to him.

    I would use The Livescribe to record the telephone call Tim Cook made to Scott Forstall after he'd he used Apple Maps for the first time. He wanted to go to Starbucks but found himself in Ulan Bator in Mongolia. This was pretty inconvenient plus the coffee was terrible.

    My daughter loves to draw. While she does this she makes up stories and songs that bring the pictures to life. I'd love to capture the full experience so that we can relive the joy this brings... and perhaps embarrass her by sharing with her friends at her 18th birthday.

    The first word I spoke, my mum says it was "mum" , my dad says it was "dad", I have a feeling it may have been something else!

    Also how cool would it be to be able to tell someone what your first word was.

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    My first words - I'm very dubious about my parents' claim, which they've held against me for the last 31 years, that they were "poo poo".

    I would record my mother giving an oral history about her early years and her family. She had a stroke early this year, which has affected her faculties and we are losing her slowly. I would love to preserve this to play back my to my children, and then their children.

    The Moment my mum received the phone call saying i was receiving a liver transplant when i was 9. To this day i have never been told what was actually said and it is such a great phone call.

    Last year I worked on a summer camp in America. Children come up with the greatest ideas and if I had to pick one single conversation to record it would have to be the one we had with the 13 year olds I had in one session.

    As we were getting ready to head to the dining hall for breakfast one of the boys was drawing at the table in the corner, the only other furnishing in this tiny cabin apart from the 5 bunk beds. One of the other boys asked what he was drawing, "A dragon, like out of the fantasy books" at which point some of the boys started arguing whether or not dragons actually exist. One of the boys adamantly proclaimed "Dragons are real..." A hush fell over the other boys and a beat later he continued with "my mother is a dragon!"

    I'd put it on the grassy knoll and find out if there was a second shooter.

    I'd love to give it to a famous author of the past (probably J.R.R Tolkien), in order to see his thought processes and how he was able to bind together such an amazing story. Just to discover removed sections of his books, or perhaps his writing techniques would be a priceless opportunity (and probably save him a lot of time when it comes to printing).

    When I asked my fiance to marry me, I was so excited that she said yes, I can't remember what she said after that. It's an amazing feeling that a memory can lack so many specific details, yet still bring you so much joy.

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