Win A Livescribe Sky wifi Pen

Win A Livescribe Sky wifi Pen

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You can see a basic demo of the Livescribe Sky wifiin the video above, or find more details on the official site. But we can offer an even better option for getting familiar with Livescribe in its new cloud-enabled format: we have five Livescribe Sky wifi pens to give away as prizes for lucky readers.

To enter, just answer this question in the comments below:

With the Sky wifi smartpen, you can easily record your notes and audio and access them anytime and anywhere on nearly any device. So, if you could record just one conversation and play it back on your tablet, smartphone or laptop any time, what would it be? It could be a famous moment in history, the first time you met your partner, or your boss’s performance review. Tell us what you’d record, and why.

The entry we judge the most original and amusing will win an 8GB Sky Wi-Fi Pro Pack, which includes a one-year subscription to Evernote Premium, valued at $345. There are four additional runners-up prizes: two readers will win the 4GB Sky wifi pack (valued at $275 each), and two more will receive the 2GB Sky wifi (valued at $229).

Full terms and conditions are here. The competition closes at 10:00am on Friday November 23; what are you waiting for?


  • I’d have to say that I’d record Charlie Chaplin’s speech from The Great Dictator on the Livescribe Sky wifi. I’ve never experienced such a thrill from such a great speech that covers such a broad spectrum of topics, and that could give the Livescribe Sky wifi’s recording even more of a greater meaning. Demotivated about university assignments and exams? Play the speech. Struggling to get through 8 hours of solid work? Play the speech. I’d find no greater motivator than that speech, and I’d love to have the ability to play it back 24/7.

  • Well I have a friend whom never gives me credit or a simple ‘great work.’ The first time he says or writes it, I would want to keep to forever to play it back when he doesn’t say it.

  • I’d record my brother talking in his sleep – he never believes that he does it, yet I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about his life that way (and not always things I wanted to know!).

  • I would record the first comedy show I ever saw.

    For the life of me, the only joke I remember was the opener:
    Two fish were sitting in a tank. The first turns to the second and says: “I don’t know how to drive this. Do you?”

  • I would record the day of my graduation, I’ve had quite a few other people more senior in my workplace telling me that they still have nightmares of not being able to graduate from med school so I think I’d like something to reassure me of that

  • My father died in 2008. He was a WWII veteran who didn’t talk much about his military life. Being able to record him and his stories before he died would of been amazing. A simple way to not only have the text but also his speech is something we could all use to remember loved ones.

  • I would love to use this device to record my children’s first drawings and words. Now I don’t have any children (yet, we’re working on that), but that’s okay – I don’t have a Livescribe yet either! 🙂

  • I would write out the shopping list with it. for two reasons. One, I can’t get my wife to stop using paper lists and use the iphone for the shopping list. Also, when my wife or kids tell me I forgot to buy something, we can go to the recording to settle any disputes

  • My oldest brother would exploit my eagerness to do whatever he was doing and when he had an opportunity to organise the school book sale, he employed me to do all the hard work. He promised me payment in the form of something I lusted after at the time, “a dancing coke can”. He sat there counting his earnings and when it came to payment, he claimed no such agreement was made. To this day the “promise of a dancing can” is brought up at family dinners/disputes as well as every time he asks for a favour. What I would give to have recorded the conversation and be able to play it back to him.

  • I would use The Livescribe to record the telephone call Tim Cook made to Scott Forstall after he’d he used Apple Maps for the first time. He wanted to go to Starbucks but found himself in Ulan Bator in Mongolia. This was pretty inconvenient plus the coffee was terrible.

  • My daughter loves to draw. While she does this she makes up stories and songs that bring the pictures to life. I’d love to capture the full experience so that we can relive the joy this brings… and perhaps embarrass her by sharing with her friends at her 18th birthday.

  • The first word I spoke, my mum says it was “mum” , my dad says it was “dad”, I have a feeling it may have been something else!

    Also how cool would it be to be able to tell someone what your first word was.

  • I would record my mother giving an oral history about her early years and her family. She had a stroke early this year, which has affected her faculties and we are losing her slowly. I would love to preserve this to play back my to my children, and then their children.

  • The Moment my mum received the phone call saying i was receiving a liver transplant when i was 9. To this day i have never been told what was actually said and it is such a great phone call.

  • Last year I worked on a summer camp in America. Children come up with the greatest ideas and if I had to pick one single conversation to record it would have to be the one we had with the 13 year olds I had in one session.

    As we were getting ready to head to the dining hall for breakfast one of the boys was drawing at the table in the corner, the only other furnishing in this tiny cabin apart from the 5 bunk beds. One of the other boys asked what he was drawing, “A dragon, like out of the fantasy books” at which point some of the boys started arguing whether or not dragons actually exist. One of the boys adamantly proclaimed “Dragons are real…” A hush fell over the other boys and a beat later he continued with “my mother is a dragon!”

  • I’d love to give it to a famous author of the past (probably J.R.R Tolkien), in order to see his thought processes and how he was able to bind together such an amazing story. Just to discover removed sections of his books, or perhaps his writing techniques would be a priceless opportunity (and probably save him a lot of time when it comes to printing).

  • When I asked my fiance to marry me, I was so excited that she said yes, I can’t remember what she said after that. It’s an amazing feeling that a memory can lack so many specific details, yet still bring you so much joy.

  • I could go with the time I was hammered in Las Vegas and how I lost my phone… or the time in New York where I was pretty drunk and how I managed to pickup 4 girls… hm I get drunk a lot in foreign countries…

    But if I have to pick one thing and have it so I can play it back – easy. The speech in the Mayors office in Ghostbusters. Dogs and Cats Living together! Mass Hysteria!

  • If I had the opportunity (and a method of time travel), I would go back in time with a trusty Livescribe to the year 79 AD and record the residents of Pompeii’s reactions to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Reason: would make finding primary sources a darn lot easier for my HSC.

  • “if you could record just one conversation and play it back on your tablet, smartphone or laptop any time, what would it be?” I would want to record Carl Sagan’s last conversation with Stephen Hawking. Those two men… Wow.

  • I work for an NGO in Mumbai, India for project call ‘Community Center’. We are looking to establishing a sustainable and replicable model which can empower community to attain better Health, education and livelihood. For this project I meet various stakeholders e.g. community leaders, women, adolescence, NGO leaders, entrepreneurs etc. to know their challenges, solutions and aspiration about community. Most of time I miss some points as wrote slowly or some people talk very fast and catch them is hard. I think this pen is Superhero for me as it will be really helpful for compiling all recorded data of all stakeholders. And it may be useful to improve my performance too.
    I think I wished for something like smart pen and now my wish comes to true.

  • The first time I got a tech support call from India where I was the tech support (Oracle outsourced help calling me).

    Call 1: Ask for a password reset and tell them it can take up to 10 mins to replicate, all is fine they hang up.

    Call 2: The new password is not working the old password is working, not sure on the setup I call my boss over and put them on loudspeaker. Boss says if the old password is working why do you need a new one? They reply we just need one so we can log into the system. We reply, are you logged in or out of the system. They reply: In but Out. We tell them to go to our support system so we can remote in and take a look. We ask them to go to Google and see if it works, they say if it worked then everything works, it worked before we can check for the VPN access they hang up and disconnect.

    Call 3: 30 mins later. Google is working but nothing else. We tell them don’t hang up till tech support tells you to hang up, they say they are very busy and need to do their job however their job is not on Google. So once again we remote in, phone line and remote desktop connection goes off.

    Call 4: Hello can you fix our power, we reply we aren’t anything to do with their electricity. They say ok don’t worry about it fix our folders. We finally remoted in were able to get the VPN software up and checked the user logs we find they turned it off not long before calling tech support. We turn it back on everything is good. The person on the other end replies you saved my life, *gets emails saying thankyou* *boss receives emails from saying thank you*. Boss then comes up to me what did you do to the outsourced help, I reply I fixed a VPN that they turned off themselves then the story up to now. Boss laughs is that all.

    2 hours to reset a VPN I said never again. Next week the same person is back at work on another computer and does the same. I say did you check your VPN, they said yes and stubornly wont let me remote in. Eventually I managed to persuade them to let me in, get in check, VPN is turned off forcefully again. WHY YOU NO LISTEN TO YOUR COWORKERS!

  • I’d record some of the sweet, sweet words issued from some of the drugged-up, drunk bogans I have the unpleasantness to catch the train with each day. Noone believes me when I tell them about the poor guy running up and down the train looking for his prostitute. Or the lovely couple that choose to air their domestic grievances from one end of the carriage to the other. Then I could actually present this to Cityrail with a hope of getting a guard or two on the train sometimes…

    What would be better would be being able to record the smells, and somehow present them to Cityrail staff. I mean, I could replicate them, but I choose not to wear the same clothes for 3 months, then violently excrete from all bodily orrifices simultaneously.

    (I travel on a forgotten line on the Cityrail network. It isn’t recorded in any of the official stats, so there is no incentive for the train to actually run on time, be crime free, or be cleaned regularly… Clyde to Carlingford – yay!)

  • I’d send it to that guy who went up the hill to meet his boss, and came back down with two tablets of stone. If Moses had a LiveScribe and an iPad, it wouldn’t have taken 40 days and 40 nights to write the 10 commandments – after all, stone sucks as a touch interface even if you’re God.

  • I would love to have been a journalist reporting on the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery at Gettysburg, where Abraham Lincoln gave his famous address. To have a recording and an exact transcript would be brilliant. I’d need the 8GB model as Edward Everett’s speech before Lincoln’s lasted for over two hours. It would have been a shame to miss for lack of storage, a speech about which Everett said, “I should be glad if I could flatter myself that I came as near to the central idea of the occasion, in two hours, as you did in two minutes.”

  • Those ideas and conversations I wake myself with at night when I’d much rather be sleeping. I’m sure they are my most creative but are nonetheless invariably forgotton by the morning.

  • I’d like to record the conversation in the lead up to the moon mission. Where they would have slowly gone through the order of who’s getting out first.
    Neil, you’re going to be the one who first sets foot on the moon!
    Buzz, you’re second, right after first.
    What’s that Michael? When are you getting out? Oh, um, well there’s a really important job you need to do.

  • I would record Neil Armstrong’s words on the Moon. The original tapes have gone missing and are being searched for since years. It would be great to have a good quality recording to commemorate one of the biggest achievements of mankind!

    Plus we could finally solve the long-standing problem of Armstrong’s forgotten, or not recorded, article…

  • The moment my lecturer said “this subject is essential to your career” so I can play it every time I never use those skills ever, and laugh along with everyone else in the office.

  • I would record my fiancée telling me not to forget to pick up some milk, bread etc. and play them back at the end of every work day so I stop getting into trouble for forgetting them.

  • I really need this pen. When my future self suddenly time travels to the present day to give me important financial and lifecourse advice, I don’t want to be hunting for some pen and paper. I wanna record that.

  • I would record my Mother-in-laws last will and testimony – seriously one of the funniest things I could record – Ever! Other than making a great stand-up routine (which could make me a fortune some day when I can use the material), it would crack me up every time I heard it, again and again. So she could use my new LIGHT SCRIBE PEN when she is ready to commit it for real and record it as well.

    It goes something like this (in a nutshell). “To my first cat, Popsy ( for real) I leave her my entire collection of Police Academy Videos and that one about the silly dog K9… to my second cat Mishka I leave her all my knitting yarn, she love those balls of yarn, damn cat drives me nuts anyway. (so on)… to my Daughter and Son-in-law I entrust the care of my cats !!!!…I swear to God, I had tears in my eyes when she read draft 1out aloud. And I being elbowed by my wife as her mother was dead serious!

    So – this would be comic gold, perhaps a legal will (while sane and coherent perhaps) and a commitment I don’t want – all rolled into amazing conversation recorded with my Light Scribe Pen.

    Please let me use Light Scribe Pen to preserve this piece of my life’s history.

  • I can use this on more than one occasion, I attend project meetings every month and take down notes on follow up actions. It will be a great help to be able to capture extra details during discussions to perform better and never miss anything

  • If I had this magical pen and the ability to time travel (I’m assuming this ability will be available with the next upgrade?) I would whisk myself back in time to visit Moses on Mount Sinai where I would hand him this pen to write the ten commandments. There behind a rock or some non-burning bush I would add some additional commandments to his list:

    11) Thou shalt not sendith spam emails. For the Lord liketh a tidy inbox and has concerns over his junk mail filter.

    12) Thou shalt not buy the first release of any Apple product. For the tree that growith this fruit has more features next season and in smaller, more pleasing packaging.

    13) Thou shalt not create extravagant email signatures. The lord will strike down frivolous branding and excessive contact details.

    14) Thou shalt play well with others on the internet. The lord will keepith all IP address and he will smite the trolls and poke the flamers with pointy implements.

    And because Moses will be using God’s personal wifi he will simply upload his notes and my audio notes to the cloud where God will present him with 2 iPads complete with a list of commandments.

    After this little adventure I will then time jump to the year 2001 and rewrite the ending of Star Trek Voyager.

  • What would I record? The conversation I had with a family of orphaned children in the middle of the Horn of Africa drought crisis last year. Imagine people being able to hear their voices in real time (surely we can work our streaming on this thing) as I sat with them in the heat and dust.

  • I’d love to go back and allow the pen to be used to record both the text and audio of the moment where the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword” was first written/uttered. For this saying is proven over and over again, by the need for devices such as the LiveScribe to record our mighty pen moments.

  • I’d use it for personal therapy. I’d get really, really drunk, and record a conversation with a pretty girl. Then when sober I’d play it back, see what a complete idiot I am when drunk, and then never drink again. This handy deterrent could follow me wherever I am, being accessible on all my devices. Who needs AA when you have a Livescribe Sky? 😉

  • I remember once in prep we were sitting in a circle on the floor and I farted so I would record the lengthy class discussion that followed which resulted in a kid on the opposite side of the circle getting the blame and having to apologise.

    I live with the guilt everyday.

  • The conversations my Mum is having with her doctors. More importantly the ones she is having with herself.

    She was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer not quite two months ago. It spread to her liver, and since to her pelvis and spine. She’s having difficulties writing. I’d hate for her last thoughts and conversations to be lost.

  • Despite its potential brevity, I would love to have been able to record and listen to the discussion which took place between Spartan leaders when deciding upon a reply to the message sent by the marauding Philip II of Macedon (who had subjugated many key Greek city-states) demanding their submission; that IF they did not surrender he would utterly annihilate their state. They replied with the classic, one-word Laconic response: “If”. Despite written history presenting them as being quite surly, blunt and pragmatic in their oratory and writing, I bet the Spartans were killing themselves with laughter and having a good old time thinking of such an off-putting and smart-alec remark. “How about: Get stuffed, Phil!” – “Ha ha ha, nah, mate. I got this. How about we just say ‘IF’? That’d be gold.”

  • When I asked my wife’s father for permission to marry her. I flew from the UK to Singapore and met up with him at a big hawker centre for a few beers after we ate together. The unique sounds of Singapore’s foodie nightlife in the background with that conversation. I drank most of my beer beforehand, I think he drank plenty more straight after!

  • I would record the steering committee for which I was writing minutes where the committee chair burst into the room 20 minutes late, let fly a barrage of expletives and accusations that I had moved the meeting at the last minute. I happily reminded him he asked for it to be moved to a room next to his office an hour earlier.

  • My grandma met a prince in Morocco, kept monkeys in a mansion in Hong Kong, was presented with Baked Alaska on platters by a hundred sailors on her wedding day during WWII and currently has a mafia boss living next door who wheels dirt about the garden in a wheelbarrow at night. Thus, with a Livescribe Sky I would interview her on lazy Sunday afternoons to pen the greatest novel of all time—My Grandma’s Life As She Knows It.

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