Where Is Australia's Cheapest Wii U?

Nintendo's Wii U games console officially goes on sale in Australia tomorrow. The official Australian price is $349.95 for the basic pack or $429.95 for the "premium bundle", but how much better can you do?

These are the deals we've noticed so far. Many of these retailers are allowing pre-orders ahead of the official release, which is worth doing if you definitely want the console on launch day.

  • Big W has the basic pack for $298 and the premium pack for $378
  • Kmart is close with the basic pack for $299 and the premium pack for $379,
  • JB Hi-Fi is charging $399 for the premium pack.
  • EB Games is holding midnight openings at numerous stores, but hasn't done anything in the way of discounting; the basic pack is $348 and the premium pack is $428. EB Games will sometimes price match, but only if the retailer is nearby; still, it can't hurt to ask.
  • Harvey Norman is also effectively charging full price: $348 for the basic pack, $428 for premium.

Spotted any others worth noting? Tell us in the comments and we'll add them.


    Use the voucher XMASEDM20 at Big W and get another $20 off the price.

    I've made a chart of discounts different stores are doing and I'll take that to EB and hopefully they can give me a decent price

    Dicksmith has the premium pack for $419 with a $20 dicksmith gift card as a bonus and $299 for the basic pack.

    Pre ordered my Wii U Premium Pack from EB games for full price only to discover that Kmart, Big W and Target are doing better deals on pre orders. So I called my local EB games and asked them if they matched prices and they said they did and would match Kmarts deal (identical package) of $378 provided I bring some evidence of said deal. They said the mobile catalogue on their website would be good enough. Sweet, $50 saving aint bad, might as well pick up another game! :)

    Kmart can price match also, if the other stores are out of stock.

    Also i price matched an xbox at harvey norman, and they made this big deal out of an $11 saving from a $199 xbox. I was polite and nice to the guys, but they were making out they were doing a big favour for me, but in reality they should want me to do that rather than shop elsewhere.

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