Where Do You Put Your Stuff So You Never Forget It?

Where Do You Put Your Stuff So You Never Forget It?

We all manage to forget to grab things every now and then. Maybe it’s lunch out of the refrigerator before work, or your keys on the hall table. How to you keep track of all these things?

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We’ve heard all types of tricks over the years to keep your stuff in order. A landing strip can keep your junk in one place, and storing your keys on top of your lunch is a surefire way to make sure you don’t forget it. Where do you put your stuff so you never forget it?


  • If I get groceries on my lunch break, I put my keys in the back in the office fridge so I remember to take the groceries. One of my workmates thought you were supposed to put your keys in the fridge to remind you of anything, so she was putting her keys in the fridge to try and remember to call her accountant and things like that

  • My key ring slips over my door handle (it’s one of the “lever” style ones – I live in an apartment, so my door locks behind me and I don’t need a key to unlock it when I go out) so I hang my keys on the internal handle to make sure I don’t lock them in when I leave.

  • Well i amke the solution fool proof. I put anyhting i need the next day in the car the night before i hit the sack. Or, if it is simple stuff like bills etc, i will put on/under my wallet

  • In the same place every day; that’s the key. Whether it’s on your landing zone or in your monkey’s front pocket, consistency will ensure you remember.

    • I second that. I always leave my keys, wallet and security pass in the same place so when I leave I just scoop them all up and know I have what I need. I also keep really important keys in my pocket at all times.

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