Where Are Australia's 101 Best Beaches?

Australia has 30,000 kilometres of coastline and 11,761 named beaches. If you're planning a coastal holiday this summer, a new website and book identifies 101 Australian beaches that are worth visiting.

The 101 Best Beaches list (backed by Tourism Australia) was assembled by authors Professor Andrew Short and Brad Farmer over several decades, with both authors visiting every single beach named on the list and then choosing the top 101 based on "the views, the sand, surf, bordering headlands and a range of supporting amenities".

Inclusions range from the well-known (Bondi) to the oddly-named and obscure (Trousers Beach, anyone?). The site lets you browse by name or state, and is definitely a useful resource if you're planning a trip. The book offers more detailed information and great photography and is also worth checking out.

Got your own favourite beach that didn't make the cut? Tell us about it in the comments. You can also check me out talking through some of the beaches on Ten Breakfast.

101 Best Beaches


    Gnaraloo :(

    Good, my favourite two photographic beaches aren't there. Means they'll stay quiet!

    ocean beach, denmark, greens pool, denmark. lights beach, denmark.

    Many thanks for covering the book, 101 Best Australian Beaches today! View the complete list of beaches at www.101BestBeaches.com.

    Better still, ‘Share Your Favourite Beach Story’ to be in the chance to Win 1 of 6 books on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/101BestBeaches/app_155817714559872

    Where's Eagle Bay? I'd rate that above most of the beaches you have listed for WA.

    Almost glad my favourite beach isn't there. I'd rather it stay relatively 'secret' :)

    One of Sydney's best beaches isn't listed; like the previous comment - would rather keep it to ourselves.

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