Ways To Make Sure Your Customer Complaint Is Taken Seriously

Ways To Make Sure Your Customer Complaint Is Taken Seriously

When you have a problem with a company, it’s easy to get angry, but that anger is rarely an asset when you’re trying to get the problem fixed. The Consumerist has some suggestions for making sure your customer complaints are heard, taken seriously, and addressed quickly.

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We’ve previously discussed ways to take your complaint to the top and even how to find out who to complain to. Regardless, how you approach a manager, director, or even corporate exec with your problem will have a profound impact on whether your complaint goes to the trash or gets routed to someone tasked with resolving your problem.

The Consumerist article suggests that you make sure you have all of the necessary information someone would need to find your account and look up your customer history, assume that any new person to the problem doesn’t have information you may have given someone else, and make sure you get any promises or agreements you make with a customer service rep in writing (preferably via email) before your call ends. If you want help, trotting out sarcastic jabs and sidelong insults will get you nowhere.

If you’re emailing a corporate executive, make your email as succinct as possible. Describe the issue you’re having and let them know explicitly what it is you’re looking for, whether it’s a refund or replacement. Make sure your desired resolution is reasonable, and you can explain why you think it’s reasonable. Getting to the point will make sure your note gets read. For further effective complaining hints, hit the link below.

The Dos and Don’ts Of Getting Someone to Take Your Complaint Seriously [The Consumerist]


  • When dealing with customer service, I tell them to put me through to the highest ranking person they know, because my problem is way beyond anything their little memorized spiel is crafted to handle.

    When it sounds like I’m talking to someone who at least has a table and a nametag on it, then I voice my complaint.

    • There is a spiel for people like you.

      I’m sorry, they’re not available at the moment, may I take your name and telephone number so they can call you back?

      Repeat, repeat, repeat, if you don’t accept, terminate call.

    • I’d be seriously surprised if this actually helped you get your issues sorted out quicker. Having sat near our Customer Service Manager for some time now, people like you are shooting yourselves in the foot by not making an effort to resolve said issues with the 1st responders.

      Remember, that ‘person with a nametag’ has the authority to tell you to go pound sand, and will be much more likely to stand up to childish wailing.

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