Use Tape To Drill The Right Holes In Tricky Fixtures

Ever had to hang a fixture like a towel rack where the screws are hidden and hard to hang? Home ownership blog The Harpster Home shows off a simple tape trick to help you drill the holes right.

All you need to do is take a strip of tape and put it over the screw holes on the fixture. Poke holes where the screws go, and then stick the tape to the wall where you want it. Now, drill through those holes, mount the fixture on some screws and you're done.

A Hanging How-To [The Harpster Home via Tipnut]


    OK - this is so simple, I feel stupid for not having thought of it myself. Thanks - great tip :)

    Also, using the tape helps prevent small cracks in the plaster and reduces unsightly burrs in what you're drilling.

      also helps stop drillbits from skating
      also allows you to draw on the wall without having to worry about cleaning it off.

      just make sure you use a quality tape so that it comes off the paint cleanly and without damage.

      That helps, but I find the best way to prevent cracking around a hole is to 1) start drilling in reverse, just enough to cut through the surface, then go in forwards - this avoids the cutting edges of the bit ripping at the surface (which causes the cracks) 2) finish off with a countersink bit, just on the surface.

    or you could just measure it...

    why use tape when you have a perfectly good template in the part you screw to the wall?

      I believe it is aimed at hidden screws that are not accessible from the front.

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