Use A Rubber Band As A Paintbrush Scraper

Tackling a major painting project? Save yourself a big mess with a rubber band.

After dipping a brush into paint can, it’s natural to scrape off some of the excess paint on the inside edge of the can. This works in the short term, but all that paint will splatter once you pound the lid back into place.

Instead, stretch a thick rubber band across the length of the can, and use it to wipe down your dripping brush. Once you’re done, just throw out the rubber band, or rinse it off to use again.


    Really, Shep? No credit to Reddit?

    Great. Now give me a tip for getting the paint out of the tin and into a roller tray without filling the rim up with paint. I would kill for that.

      Just wipe the rim with your brush... There will still be paint but not enough to worry about

    Or a tip for getting even paint distribution on a roller?

    Hasn't this tip already been posted a long time ago or perhaps I saw it somewhere else, either way it is a great tip. I actually used it once when I painted some rooms in my old place. The tricky part is getting the rubberband off the can without making a mess!

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