Typical Aussie Mobile Plan Data: 1.5GB

Data charges can be a major source of bill shock, but how much data does the typical Australian mobile phone owner sign up for? The answer: a relatively scrawny 1500MB.

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Macquarie University's recent Amaysim-sponsored detailed study of 201 demographically representative Australian phone bills includes an analysis of data inclusions and usage. 34.3 per cent of people on monthly plans had 1500MB per month; 23.4 per cent had 2000MB; and 18.4 per cent had 1000MB. The average across all customers was 1584.7MB

Underlining the inadequacy of current billing systems, just 106 of those bills actually provided a clear indication of how much data was used. However, while excess data charges were a major source of bill shock, the majority of customers on those plans don't actually blow their allowance. The average usage for users on a 1500MB plan was 535.7MB — just over a third of the data on offer. The average across all plans was 506.3MB. This underscores the point that while tracking data usage is difficult, many people don't come close to reaching their limit under normal circumstances. The big risk comes when you head overseas.


    I have 1.5Gb data and have all data hungry services on all the time (including downloading podcasts) and I rarely go over the 600mb/month mark.
    I don't tether and I use WiFi when I'm home (better battery life and faster speed), but , I think 500mb/month is about right for a normal user and as such, I don't think you can just draw the conclusion from these statistics that people are being stingy with their data to avoid overcharges.
    More likely, the conclusion is, unless you plan to tether, 1.5Gb is plenty of data for a phone plan.

      lol, If I'm careful I can do 1Gb month... if i wasn't careful I'd do 2Gb easy.

        Yep, me too. I like watching youtube videos on the bus a lot. This chews through the data.

          That's one thing I rarely do... Once per month at most for one video.

      I'm lucky to go though 300MB/month, and I have data/services turned on all the time too.


      If Voda's network actually delivered 3G speed on a consistent and reliable basis, I would easily do 1GB+/month thanks to YouTube and Vimeo. So much content to consume, and I'm gonna be sitting on that bus for a time one way or another!

    I used to have 100mb a month (Optus $19 plan) but I paid the extra $10 and got 1gb which is plenty for what I do (maps, download small apps, Google+ etc.). I had paid off my last phone as well, so I used the money I was saving and put it back on a data pack. After all of that, I still save money anyway!

    I have a 5.5Gb plan (1.5gb on Vodafone $49 plan plus $20 add on for 4GB)... and usually use that up. But I tether a few devices to my phone...

    I upgraded to a HTC One XL (love it to bits) about two months ago. Two days later I got a txt saying that that my new data cap was 1.5gb, down from 2gb with my older device. Telstra sent me a survey asking 'How I feel' about my 'experience' with them about two days after that. One massive email rant, and two more days later, I got another txt saying that my data cap had been upgraded to 2.5gb. Rant wins!!

    Don't call it scrawny when the average is just over 1/3 of the allowed data... Call it 'excessive', or 'enough'?

    I have 8Gb a month, so I guess my use is not "typical" - in terms of my use well i have 4 days of the month left and have still got 2.4Gb to use. Should be no problem getting through that.

    Similar experiences with most others. Usually I don't use more than 600mb on my 1.5gb plan. But there are times when my work 3G connection drops out and I tether the phone. That's when the usage can easily escalate.

    You know what stops me from using more data than I do? Battery life. I'd happily browse, watch and listen to more on my commutes but in the mornings, I typically stop using my phone once it gets to 75% battery so that I'm ok for the rest of the day. It's not like that comes quickly, sometimes it can be an hour on the train before it does. But if we had great all day battery life, more data would be chewed up.

    LTE may be here now, but it's bare a minimum effort by the carriers involved, a paltry, laughable 20mbps down ceiling (and we do laugh). When a serious LTE network is built by a company that's actually committed to providing the best service possible, the average mobile download per month will increase.

    Unless travelling away from home, I typically use 350 to 400 MB. The trick is to connect to my home network by wi-fi most of the time. If I wasn't doing that I'd probably use an additional 300 to 800 MB a month.

    And I very rarely watch videos on my phone – perhaps one or two a month, if that. (I have watched iView and YouTube videos on my iPad – that's a different story – but again, usually I do that when I'm connected to a wi-fi network so it's not coming out of my data.)

    I have 5 gig on Red Bull, at $365 for 12 months (includes unlimited everything), works out to about $30 a month. I rarely go up to 1.5 gig usage but it's good to have that leeway! Besides, it's great backup internet for my other machines.
    -Low usage for me is partly due to years of having to be so careful with usage caps. Now I don't have to be it's still hard to break out of that habit.

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