Top 10 DIY Smartphone Repairs And Upgrades

Top 10 DIY Smartphone Repairs And Upgrades

Phones inevitably get dropped, scratched and damaged. Even a year of wear and tear can take its toll on any phone. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a new device every time yours breaks, here are 10 repairs and upgrades you can perform yourself at home.

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10. Fix A Loose Charging Port With A Toothpick

thin, sharpened toothpick


9. Get Buggy Speakers Working Again

stick a cotton bud down the headphone jack


8. Turn A DVD Lens Into A Cameraphone Lens

open your phone up and do some surgeryplace it on top of your current lens


7. Cool Down An Overheating Phone

your mobile phone is burning a hole in your pocketTake off that non-breathable case


6. Repair Stuck And Unresponsive Buttons

make up for the broken button with software solutions


5. Replace A Dying Or Dead Battery


4. Revive A Seemingly Bricked Phone

jailbreakrootseemfixing stubborn iPhonesAndroid phonesjumpstart it with some paper clips and pencil graphite


3. Smooth Out Stubborn Scratches

it’s the sand and dirtbrush the bezelsandpaper the backscreen protectors will keep it from getting scratchedmake your own for about a nickel


2. Resurrect A Soaked Phone With Rice

really does workmassage stuck pixels away


1. Replace A Scratched Or Shattered Screen

replacing your phone’s screen is actually pretty easy10-year-old fixing his iPhone for $22Image: Lars Loughmann


  • Replacing the screen depends entirely on the model of phone. Replacing a screen on an iphone 3G/3GS is easy, but doing the same thing on an iphone 4/4S is damn fiddly. You have to remove every single component in the phone before you reach the screen.
    The iPhone 5 is meant to make it easy again, but I’ll have to wait for somebody to break a screen before I find out.

    Other phone models also vary widely in how easy the screen is to replace. (If somebody ever suggests you replace a blackberry torch screen, dont. it’s not worth the heartache)

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