The Warehouse-Style Entrepreneur Workspace

Internet startups often begin with a single individual in a spare room or garage, but the ability to bounce ideas off others in an office environment can also be helpful. Tank Stream Labs, a recently-established entrepreneur co-working space in Sydney’s CBD, has a deliberately minimal aesthetic but still offers a fun, collaborative vibe.

With its bare polished concrete floors, metal surfaces and exposed cables, the workspace has a definite warehouse vibe, though it’s actually located in a fairly conventional city office building. There are currently forty desks occupied by half-a-dozen startups, with space for 65. The central meeting room was built as a replica of a typical tin shed, which creates an unusual look and was also cheaper to construct. There are also informal meeting areas, a ping-pong table and a shower (essential if you want to cycle to work).

Much of the fit-out labour was organised via Airtasker (which is also one of the founding tenants of the space). Assembling the ping-pong table was a task performed by an Airtasker hire, for instance, as was the hand-painted tin sign at the entrance. Other budget-minded strategies were used: the pictured light fittings are repainted buckets from IKEA.

Check out more photos below, and hit the Tank Stream Labs site for additional pictures and information.

Tank Stream Labs


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