The Sill Waters Home Screen

Reader Ellipsoid combines minimalist icons and widgets with a serene wallpaper to create a truly simple home screen. Here's how to create something similar.

Ellipsoid lists the necessary components:

I really dig the whole minimalist thing, so I set out to make an Android home screen in the minimalist spirit. This is what came of it. My favourite thing here is that icon set. It makes for an extremely cryptic home screen, which gives it a bit of a futuristic feel. I used:


    I have tried a few minimalist layouts like this but I just don't find them practical after a couple of days. Anybody have some that are beautiful and pack allot of information it?

    How did he make the lock screen though?
    Nova launcher is not a lock screen app?

    oops read as lockscreen , my bad

    The Sill Waters Home Screen... OR The Still Waters Home Screen... ??? I sill don't get it!

      Yeah, I thought (before I followed the link to the full article) that it was going to be a pun - as in a window sill. Maybe a rainy day as seen through a house window, rain drops running down the glass... animated too...

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