The Passenger Seat Mobile Workspace

I don't care how good you think your mobile office is, it is not as impressive as this German man. The passenger seat of his car includes a laptop with its own docking station, a printer, a router, a mobile broadband device, and an inverter to power everything.

This setup only came to light when the driver was pulled over for speeding. If you actually used this while driving, you'd almost certainly get fined, but since there was no evidence the driver was doing that at the time, he only scored a speeding ticket.

If you decide to emulate this, save it for when you're pulled over, and make sure you lock everything up when you park the car. (Also, consider taking out your empty water bottles occasionally — click on the image to see what we mean.)

German police stop man with mobile office in car [AP/Mercury News via Geekologie]


    Too bad if he crashes into someone/something, could pose a physical danger for him with those objects in there.

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