The Nexus 4 Will Likely Hit Store Shelves Soon

Yesterday after my hands-on time with the Nexus 4, I got talking with the big wigs at LG Australia. I wondered aloud how many units the Nexus 4 would sell considering that it's going to be online-only? As soon as those words fell out of my mouth, I was immediately corrected: "We expect to have it in stores soon." Oh.

The Nexus 4 is probably the best deal you'll get on an Android phone this side of 2013. It's built like a sparkly supermodel and thinks like IBM's Watson computer compared to other Android handsets.

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LG told us yesterday that, despite the fact that carriers are shunning it in lieu of 4G-powered smartphones, it's not afraid to launch the Nexus 4 without a carrier in the countries glut of gadget retailers. Unbranded, unlocked, unleashed.

The Nexus 4 is likely to go on sale on Google Play by November 13. Stores aren't likely to have stock for a little while after that, simply because demand for the device is already so damn high, LG is having trouble keeping up with demand.

Better make 'em quick, LG. We'll be waiting.


    Wonder where they'll sell it? If none of the carriers are picking it up, their stores won't have it. JB is a Telstra dealer so it's possible they might not either. Dick Smith have sold the SGS3 unlocked so that's a possibility.

    That was a question I posted on Android Central. If the buyer doesn't have a "paid plan" what SIM card is used? Is prepaid readily available in the USA? I'm in 3rd world ville. This device will probably NEVER be released here, so I'll get one from the States. At least we do have good prepaid networks here. Data connections are S L O W, but very cheap. :-)
    Thank you.
    A.K.A I hate Kimchi

    The specs are good and I am in the market for an Android phone but the only reason this is of no interest is it is not LTE... I would pay more for the option. I just dont feel I would future proof my phone.

      Future proof? lol Carriers are still rolling out their 4G networks, and some are still deciding what frequencies to which they are going to provide their services at (can't have them all using a standard frequency - otherwise you could switch carriers if you weren't contracted).. And then suffer waiting for OTA updates from carriers.
      At the moment only Telstra covers some regional and most metro but not total coverage, Optus only some parts of Metro, Vodaphone still deciding on frequencies..

      If you want LTE spend the dosh get a S3 LTE, this phone is not aimed at you - cheap, fast, native android sign me up.

      I'm not file sharing at 3G is fast enough for maps and email, and light browsing for me. LTE is just a nice luxury.

    I bought my Huawei Sonic unlocked at Big W. Australia Post do unlocked phones too.

    Why wouldn't Vodafone stock it? They won't even have 4G for another 6 months.

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