The Half-Full Windows Desktop

Flickr user Sebastian Holm Nielsen wanted something minimal but informative for his desktop — something that brought in useful information but kept it all out of the way when he was working. The end product is useful, minimal and attractive.

Want the same look and feel for your Windows desktop? Here's how to make it happen:

  • The wallpaper from
  • The Rainmeter system management and configuration utility for Windows
  • The Encoded skin pack for Rainmeter to create all of the boxes and system monitors across the bottom of the screen as well as the time/date, weather, and "now playing" displays
  • The Social Launcher skin for Rainmeter to create the quick-launch bar at the top of the screen

That's all there is to this one. The Encoded skin is pretty versatile, and can be used to create really unique and interesting views on different systems. Having trouble getting everything working just the way you like? Head over to Sebastian's Flickr page to ask your questions!

Minimal November Theme v. 1.2 [Flickr]


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